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A piece of Manitoba history was recently lost as the Lido Theatre was engulfed in flames early yesterday morning.

This historic theater, located in The Pas, was constructed in 1929 and, according to the Manitoba Historical Society, was the first theatre in western Canada built for movies with sound.

The fire destroyed decades of historical artifacts, memorabilia, and documents, including the original blueprints, and many old family photos.

Investigations have determined that the cause of this fire is believed to be arson, and The Pas RCMP is calling on the community for assistance.

Anyone with information regarding this fire is asked to contact The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6204.

Riding Mountain MLA Greg Nesbitt would like to see a special license plate created that would allow Manitobans to celebrate their provincial parks while also raising funds to revitalize natural spaces in Manitoba 

Nesbitt's bill would create a special Manitoba Parks license plate, with proceeds from their sale going into the Provincial Parks Endowment Fund. 

The fund, which was created in 2021, generates $1 million annually for projects that improve trails, make beaches more accessible, build new playgrounds, restore habitats, protect cultural sites, and invest in other critical park infrastructure to enrich visitor experiences.

The endowment fund was created to support Manitobans wanting to give back to provincial parks through philanthropic donations and legacy gifts.

The flooding situation along the west end of Dauphin Beach appears to be improving.

The R-M of Lakeshore has announced that both Cameron Trail and West Oako Beach Drive have reopened, after being closed over the weekend.

At the time, reeve Clayton Watts said Edwards Creek was backed up and was not flowing into the lake. 

In the courts, a Duck Bay man arrested after a series of armed robberies in Dauphin last month has a new date set for his matters.

30-year-old Desmond Parenteau will return to court on April 15th after making a brief appearance before a judge in Dauphin on Monday. 

Meanwhile, 37-year-old Jeremy Gingras of Swan River was in a Winnipeg courtroom, where his matters were adjourned until April 17th.

He was charged after two incidents in as many days last September at a home in Swan River.

And a Portage la Prairie man arrested late last month in Ebb & Flow on a number of outstanding warrants, has made an initial court appearance.

Jesse St. Paul was charged with Driving While Prohibited, Flight From Police, and numerous firearms-related offences, and was remanded in custody to May 14th in Dauphin.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities Spring Convention goes this week in Brandon.

Dauphin Mayor Dave Bosiak along with most of city council will be in attendance. 

Bosiak says it is always good to connect at events like this with representatives from similar sized communities and municipalities. 

"Sort of to compare and talk about best practices or issues that they are facing.  But also the one interesting part about this spring's convention is that it is the first one since the election, in the sense that we now have a new provincial government.  And we always have new themes and new discussions if there has been a government change."

Bosiak is particularly looking forward to discussing similar issues or problems that they and other municipalities are facing.

"What are they doing about climate mitigation and stuff, what are they doing about crime and homelessness and the mental health and addictions issues.  How are they approaching the shortage of RCMP officers in their area.  So it is mostly just to listen."

 Bosiak adds the key learning at events like this actually takes place in conversations held with other mayors and councillors in between sessions.   

Bosiak and City Manager Charlotte Griffiths are attending a gathering Tuesday morning of Reeves, Mayors, and CAO's from Westman and Parkland areas and communities.   

The convention runs until Thursday.

Since it's launch in 2008, the Gilbert Plains Community Fund has been able to put $129,593 back into numerous projects within their community,

That includes over 21-thousand dollars that was presented to around 12 projects during their gala event on Saturday night.

"It is just a real testament to the value of the Community Foundation Movement, and we certainly appreciate the support and administrative leadership that we received from the Dauphin and District Community Foundation." said Gilbert Plains Community Fund chair Charlene Gulak. "It is that partnership approach that really allows our communities to flourish."

Gulak notes two particular funds that they manage.

 "The Gilbert Plains Personal Care Home Fund, as of 2024, will have granted out $17,896 annually to enhance the lives of residents at the care home.  We also have the Oksana and Quinn Dutchyshyn Memorial Fund, which was established as a legacy fund to support youth-related activities and projects in Gilbert Plains."

To date, the Dutchyshyn fund has gifted 37 hundred dollars back into the community. 

A trio of noteworthy local cases were back on the Dauphin court docket last Thursday.

One of three people arrested following a New Year's Eve assault on the Ebb & Flow First Nation has had a new court date set,

19-year-old  Mason Moar was remanded back into custody until his next scheduled appearance on May 14th,

  24-year-old Mallory Catcheway on Brandon, who was one of three people arrested following a number of armed robberies in Dauphin in early March, had her matters put over until April 18th.

And 40-year-old Roland Klyne of the Key First Nation had his matters adjourned until April 19th.

He was one of four people arrested after a February weapon and drug bust in the city. 

Tick season is ahead of schedule this year as the parkland has been hit with some warm weather.

Species like Dear ticks and wood ticks generally start to emerge around 4 degrees Celsius, and the double-digit temperatures we're looking a this week will wake them up fast.

It's important to plan for outings with DEET-based repellents and tightly fitted clothing, as well as tick prevention for your pets.

Dear Ticks, also known as black-legged ticks, can carry the Bacteria known to cause Lyme Disease, with a recent Canadian study showing the infected ticks live longer and overwinter better.

So watch for these ugly parasites while enjoying the beautiful weather.

A facility that was built for the last time that Dauphin hosted the Manitoba Summer Games will be front and center once again when the event returns to Dauphin this August.

Dauphin host committee member Cam Bennett says the Vermillion Sportsplex will be busy during the August 11th to 17th games.

"It was built for the 2004 games, an event that I was part of the host committee for as well.  So you look at that legacy that is out there at Vermillion and all of those facilities that we have out there, that is a result of the 2004 games.  So if you enjoy that venue out there, think about what is going to happen because of these 2024 games here."

The Vermillion Sportsplex will host rugby, soccer, baseball, and softball during the games 

Bennett adds another busy spot during the August 11th to 17th games will be Credit Union Place and the adjoining Parkland Recreation Complex.

"I believe there are going to be two volleyball courts that will be placed on the rink surface.  Basketball will be held in the curling rink, as we are getting a court donated from Basketball Manitoba.  And of course, there will be swimming at the Parkland Rec Pool as well so it will be a really busy place."  

Credit Union Place will also host the opening and closing ceremonies for the games. 

Friday was Brian Schoonbaert's final day as C.E.O. of Prairie Mountain Health.

Schoonbaert says one of the things he is most proud about his time with PMH is making sure that rural health's voice was heard and not forgotten.

He adds staffing shortages across PMH was definitely the biggest challenge he faced.

"Physician and general staff shortages.  It is going to take some time to get through this.  This did not just happen because of COVID.  It is nmulti faceted.  It took a few years to get here and it is going to take a few years to get out of it, but we will get out of it."

He says some of the consequences from this have included staff feeling overwhelmed coming out of the COVID pandemic, which has continued to present day today. 

He adds that has also kept them from providing services to communities that they would normally expect to get closer to home. 

As he hands over the C.E.O. position to Treena Slate, Schoonbaert wishes that he could have done more regarding the current staffing shortages across PMH, and the financial ramifications of continuing to provide some services through this. 

"I know the government has made numerous commitments to help us fix that problem, but I think there is a bit of a gap between where we are now and maybe what will come.  And that worries me in terms of what are we going to do in the meantime until we train more and recruit more.' 

Schoonbaert applauded he over 75 hundred saff at Prairie Mountain Health for having a "We can do this" attitude throuh the current staffing shortages.   

Schoonbaert says he is looking forward to etting some tie off and spending more time with his family.

Two Swan River men charged after a January 13th stabbing in that community, that left a 33-year-old man dead, have had a new court date set.

Both 29-year-old Dean Belll and 40-year-old Tyrone Guiboche were back in court this week facing charges of Manslaughter, and are scheduled to return to Swan River court on April 17th. 

Meanwhile a 33-year-old Winnipeg man charged following a 2021 traffic stop in the RM of Dauphin was also back in court this week. 

 Jory Rowe appeared in a Winnipeg court this week on a charge of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, with his matters being set over to April 9th.