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The RM of Lakeshore is in the process of closing Cameron Trail and west Oako Beach Drive due to flooding.

Residents in the area are being asked to stay off of these roads as RM crews put up barricades.

Clayton Watts, Reeve of the RM of Lakeshore, says Edwards Creek is backed up and isn't flowing into the lake.

Two females and one male have had their vehicles towed and were issued Immediate Roadside Prohibitions. 
On April 4 between 5:55 p.m. and 11:25 p.m., Amaranth RCMP stopped three different vehicles and found all drivers to be impaired. The 64-year-old female, 30-year-old female, and 21-year-old male had their vehicles towed for 90 days.
The RCMP is reminding drivers to make better choices than these three did. Driving impaired can injure or kill. If you find yourself under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should arrange alternate transportation. 

The Manitoba government has introduced two bills aimed at cracking down on drug trafficking and organized crime.

The proposed unexplained wealth act would make amendments to current legislation allowing the seizure of assets that are proceeds of a crime or were used to commit one.

Justice Minister Matt Wiebe says investigators would have the power to force numbered corporations to disclose information about the owners of a property, as well business partners and corporate directors. 

Similar legislation has been introduced in British Columbia, where the government can request owners of luxury houses and cars explain where they got their money. 

Wayne Balcaen, Manitoba's Progressive Conservative justice critic, says the amendments appear to be redundant as there are already civil forfeiture proceedings under the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act. 

The NDP government also introduced a bill that would make it easier for police to seize vehicles with aftermarket changes, including hidden compartments.  

Sunday is Green Shirt Day.... a day to recognize the importance of Organ and Tissue donation.

The day was created in 2019, exactly one year to the day that former Humboldt Broncos defenceman Logan Boulet donated several of his organs after he passed away in the Broncos bus crash.  

Dr Owen Mooney - the medical director of Transport Manitoba - Gift of Life - says Logan's actions are truly an amazing story to come out of such a tragic event.

"The strength of the Boulet family to identify Logan's wish to be a registered organ donor because of his experience with a previous coach that was an organ donor who had passed away the year before - is truly an amazing story to come out of such a tragic event.  We saw that from the media attention that came from that really tragic event, that it increased the registrations for organ donations across all of Canada by 150 thousand. "

Over 69-thousand Manitobans have registered to donate their organs or tissue after they die, with that number growing every day.

Dr Mooney encourages Manitobans to have a discussion with your family and let them know your intentions to donate your organs.

"We know that looking retrospectively from talking to families, you are eight times more likely to consent for organ donation if your family knows your intent.  And this is as simple as having a one-time conversation.  And when we talk to families post-donation, it is really important that they know.  And it unburdens them at a very difficult time in their life."

The online registry was created in 2012, to replace the paper registrations, that were removed from Manitoba Health Cards in 2019.   

Dauphin Fire Department has announced that they hit their fundraising goal of five thousand dollars for this year's edition of 'Fill the Boot" campaign.

Fire Chief Cam Abrey says proceeds from this year's Fill the Boot campaign are once again earmarked for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

"Internationally, Muscular Dysrophy has been a charity of choice for firefighters since 1954.  I believe since 1976, the Dauphin Fire Department has partnered with M-D Canada in fundraising efforts.  And over those years, it has been a lot of contributions made by our community towards such an overwhelming organization."

Abrey is very excited to hit that goal, and thanks local residents for their support.

"Without your support, we would have never hit our goal, and the monies that are raised are used to purchase equipment for those that have been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  Your support is going a long way towards helping these people live a comfortable life."

Local firefighters and Sparky the Dog were stationed at both the Dauphin Marketplace Mall and the Dauphin Co-op over several weekends in March to collect donations towards this cause. 

A 30-year-old man faces several additional charges after being arrested by Manitoba First Nations Police earlier this week.

Officers were on patrol on the Sandy Bay First Nation on Wednesday when they noticed a suspect wanted on outstanding warrants. 

When the suspect resisted arrest, a taser was deployed to take him into custody.

After the man was arrested, police searched a bag that was in his possession, where they found a 12 inch machete, suspected meth, and other items that police say are consistent with drug trafficking. 

Besides the previous warrants for resisting arrest and failing to appear, Edmond Raymond Austin Spence now faces new charges of resisting arrest, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, and possession for the purpose of trafficking. 

A special evening is on tap for Gilbert Plains Saturday night, as the Community Fund in that town hosts a fundraising gala. 

This year's event begins at 8 pm at the Richardson Pioneer Community Hall. 

Charlene Gulak, chair of the Gilbert Plains Community Fund committee, says one of the Highlights of the night will be ttheir annual grants presentations.

"We have over $21,000 that we will be granting out to over a dozen valuable community projects and initiatives that are underway or are in the process of being developed within the community."

Gulak adds this year's major fundraiser for the organization has a special theme to it. 

"It is based on a 1950's and 60's era of celebration.  And we want to encourage everyone to dress up in costumes or special clothing that they may have that was typical to those years."

There will also be silent and rainbow auctions, along with a late-night pulled pork lunch.

Tickets for the gala are $35 each and are available at Gilbert Plains Fusion Credit Union, Paziuk's Family Foods, or by contacting the Gilbert Plains Community Fund on Facebook. 

Manitobans will notice some improvements to tax credit levels coming out of this week's provincial budget.

"The renter's credit looks like it is going up by $50 to $575.  Seniors will also get a top-up over and above that amount."  according to Howard Wirch of Accent Chartered Professional Accountants. "The other thing that we are seeing that is more an indirect help to taxpayers is on the property tax side, there is an increase to $1,500 on your property taxes, and they are going to be wiping out that 50 per cent reduction to the education property tax." 

Wirch adds that will increase the number of tax rebates, especially on lower assessed value properties, which in turn will lower your property tax bill. 

Wirch adds the province is also adjusting some of the income tax brackets, with hopes of helping middle-class earners.

"The exemption amount in Manitoba has been improved.  I believe it is $15,000 now and then they are going to be broadening those tax brackets into the 2024 year, so that there is less tax paid by "middle-class" individuals, and the credits will affect your income tax when you go to file them  So you will be paying less tax at lower rates."

Other features of the budget that caught Wirch's attention were the extension of $10 a day child care to non-school days, decreases to Autopac rates, and credits for purchasing electric vehicles. 

Organizers of the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games are looking to fill some key volunteer needs for this year's games, which are set to take place here in Dauphin from August 11th t0 17th.

Cam Bennett is co-chair of the Care and Comfort division within athlete services.

Among the areas that volunteers are needed are access control and security.

"There will be no overnight shifts that we will need volunteers for.  We have contracted that out.  So you do not need to worry about staying up all night.  There is a lot of need for volunteers in access control, just to maintain the safety and security of the athletes village area."

Another area they are looking for volunteers are drivers.

"We will be utilizing Mountain View School Division buses, so you will need a bus driver's certificate in order to be driving those buses.  But we will also have a need fo people to be driving the shuttle vans around as well."

And feeding over 900 athletes, coaches, and officials on a daily basis during the games will also be a significant undertaking.

Bennett says they are looking for volunteers to help serve those meals daily at the DRCSS

"We have contracted out a chef, and now we need people to help assemble the meals and put things together.  I do not believe that a food handler's certificate is required, but of course it is great if you have one.  And they are not long shifts - we are talking about 4 hours a day."

The city is reminding residents of a few points when it comes to placing your waste and recycling bins out for collection.
Residential bins need to be placed against the curb by 7 am on our collection day.
You are also reminded to make sure there is at least three feet of space between your bin and any other object, including vehicles or other bins. 
The city says failing to follow these rules could lead to your trash or recyclables not being picked up until your next collection day.
Residents are also reminded that Dauphin's Yard Waste Collection Program begins on April 23rd in the Day one area. 
Any households that do not have a green Yard Waste bin are encouraged to sign up for one through the City of Dauphin's website. 

Today is the day that single day passes for Dauphin's Countryfest officially go on sale.

They are now available at the Countrfest office on 2nd Avenue North East, online at, or by calling 1-800-361-7300. 

This year's edition of Countryfest goes from June 28th to the 30th.