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Meet the Voices You Hear Every Day!

  • Justin Allin

    Justin Allin CKDM Mornings with Justin Allin!

    Justin comes to us from Belleville, Ontario, and is a graduate of Loyalist College. He's quickly fallen in love with The Parkland, and spends as much time as he can in Riding Mountain National Park. His passion for music runs deep, especially rock, but admits that he has a new-found appreciation for Country since moving to Dauphin. Wake up with Justin, weekday mornings from 6-10!

  • Kimberley Dawn

    Kimberley Dawn Weekday Afternoons 1-4

    Kimberley is a multi-award winning 20-year radio pro and Canadian Country music artist from Manitoba, with a great affinity for our Parkland area. While you're at work, running out to pick up the kids, or driving around the Parkland, Kimberley keeps you company with all the local information you need to plan out your week! Catch Kimberley Dawn weekdays from 1-4 on CKDM!

  • Aaron Frost

    Aaron Frost Weekdays 10-1

    Aaron grew up in Souris, Manitoba, and is a radio graduate from ACC in Brandon. When he's not playing radio at CKDM, he's playing his guitar at venues all over The Parkland!

  • Grayson Cole

    Grayson Cole Weekends and Weekday Swing

    Grayson hails from Saskatoon, and is loving life in The Parkland! Whether you're working, playing, or spending time in the field, Grayson is your perfect Parkland companion!

  • Jeff Henson

    Jeff Henson NewsNow Mornings

    Ste Rose du Lac's Jeff Henson returns to CKDM mornings, to bring you all the local news and information you need to start the day!

  • Michael Brossart

    Michael Brossart NewsNow and Agriculture

    Michael is a graduate of the Western Academy of Broadcasting and comes to CKDM from Saskatoon. His background growing up with two sets of farming grandparents in Allan, Saskatchewan, equips Michael well to host CKDM's Agri-View shows, including the noon-hour edition. He likes hiking and biking and video games, and has a passion for the science of cooking.

  • Darnell Duff

    Darnell Duff Sports Director

    Nobody covers local sports like Darnell Duff! Whether you're playing shinny on a pond in Waterhen, or you're from the Parkland and were drafted to the NHL, Darnell Duff is on your story! Darnell has an unwavering commitment to covering sports in the Parkland like no other, working tirelessly to make sure that no accomplishment gets unnoticed. As the broadcast voice of the Dauphin Kings, he travels with the team and gets their stories to you in real time!