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Manitoba Health has sent out a bulletin to urge everyone in the province to keep an eye out for ticks.

Ticks are active anytime there's no snow on the ground but with the spike in temperate we've seen this week, they'll be out in full.

Public health officials recommend seeking medical help if specifically black legged-ticks have bitten you, or if a tick has engorged itself with blood.

DEET-based repellents, tucked-in clothing, and staying on trails are great ways to avoid Ticks, and regularly inspecting yourself, your children, and your pets is a great way to find them before they latch on.

May happens to be Lyme Disease Awareness month, a disease spread by black-legged ticks.

they can be identified by their red-orange body, black legs and a black spot on their back, and are smaller than wood ticks.

Adult females are about the size of a sesame seed.

To Help identify and track tick movements, you can submit pictures of the ones you find to

We've received reports that a collision has taken place just south of Dauphin.

EMS has responded to Road 144 North, just west of REIT Syd Equipment.  The road is currently blocked as they attend to the scene.

Steer clear of the area, and slow down if you are near the emergency service.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

Organizers of the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games are working on plans to host a "Party in the Park" during each weeknight of the games.

Host committee member and Dauphin Economic Development Manager Martijn van Lujin says the event will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 nightly from August 12th to 16th at CN Park.

"It is a moment in the day where athletes and coaches and locals and whoever wants to be there can come together and enjoy some live music, a DJ, medal ceremonies, and we will also invite some local groups to perform."

Van Lujin says these events will also be a chance to showcase Dauphin.

"The games are not only an opportunity to celebrate sport and camaraderie, but also to celebrate our community, and to showcase what we really have to offer.  We want to create that link between the games and tourism, and we think that the Party in the Park is one of the ways to do that.  We want people to be able to gather and to celebrate why they are here.  We also want to be able to create a moment during the day where everybody from all of the different sports can still be together."

The Manitoba Summer Games come to the Dauphin area from August 11th to 17th. 

This month marks the final time that the City of Dauhin will be doing its annual city-wide spring clean-up.

Director of Public Works Mike van Alstyne explains the reasoning behind the decision.

"With the challenges of hiring and finding labour force over the last few years, we found that we were not able to complete some of our more critical maintenance work by time the snow falls.  And so by eliminating this, we are giving ourselves three weeks of workable time back in favourable weather."

Van Alstyne explains how clean-up will look in years ahead.

"Our yard waste drop-off is open 24-hours a day at the landfill just to the Northwest of Dauphin.  So people can haul materials there at any time.  The fall clan-up will remain as scheduled, and we will be receiving our next load of green bins for anyone that does not have one probably by the end of the month."

Spring clean-up begins on Monday in the day one waste collection area, and should take about three weeks to complete. 

Motorists are being asked to avoid the Buckwold Bridge for the next two days.

The city says the bridge will be closed intermittently to all traffic between 9 am to 3 pm both today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday), to allow construction crews to complete roadwork on the bridge.

A 1.1 million dollar project to upgrade the bridge began in late April and is expected to wrap up by the middle of June. 

This Friday, everyone is encouraged to rally at CN Park for Spirit Bear Day, and honor the Legacy of Jordan River Anderson and "Jordan's Principle".

Karen Barker from West Region Treaty 2&4 Health Services gives us a look at why May 10th is such a crucial day:

"On May 10th, 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal called for the government to fully implement Jordons Prinicple. although it took several years and further non-compliance orders, May 10th marks this historical day as Spirit Bear Day"

Kristan Forsyth, also from West Region Treaty 2&4 Health Services noted that the tale of Jordan River Anderson is both older, and sadder than the events of 2016,

"Jordan was a First Nations child from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. Born with complex medical needs, Jordan Spent more than 2 years unnecessarily in hospital while the province of Manitoba and the federal government argued over who would pay for his at-home care. Jordan ended up passing away in hospital at the age of 5 years old having never spent a day in his family home."

Kristan further explains that the Anderson family gifted Jordan's name to this movement that ensures First Nation children can access equitable services that are culturally based, and take in to account the many disadvantages faced by First Nations Children.

To celebrate the hard work and great progress this movement has seen, West Region Treaty 2&4 Health Services encourages everyone to attend the gathering at CN Park tomorrow, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

So this Friday, visit CN park for some entertainment, a free BBQ, and activities in honor Of Jordon, and everyone fighting for the health care rights that every child deserves.

The second week of the Crop Report saw a slower start than average to the season.

Some cooler temperatures and much-needed rain brought seeding to a halt last week but offered greener pastures and some well-needed recharge for dugouts.

Ethelbert saw the most moisture in the Northwest region and the second most across the province with 35.4mm total.

The only location that saw more rain was Windygates in the central region at 37mm.

In fact, All areas in the Central and Interlake regions have accumulated more than 100% of normal precipitation since May 1. The least was seen in the Pas at only 4.1mm.

Seeding progress across the province has been delayed by the recent rains and currently sits at approximately 4% of the acres seeded.

The Northwest Region saw a good start to the week with field operations beginning across most of the region.

Cool, wet weather set in midweek bringing precipitation to most of the region, leading to adequate levels of soil moisture.

Most field operations were paused during the rain, although a few were able to resume shortly after. The weekend brought good drying weather as well as good progress to either start or resume operations.

Overnight temperatures dipped below 0°C with Alonsa station reporting -3.7°C. With the warm, dry weather over the weekend, most operations are underway now in terms of field preparation, spraying and seeding. Some standing water in fields will require a couple more days of drying.

Field pea seeding is making good progress across most of the region at approximately 25% complete, being more advanced towards the Roblin area. Spring wheat seeding is also nicely getting started and is approximately 10% complete across the region. Winter wheat and fall rye conditions vary across the region. There have been only a few claims for winterkill damage.

The recent rain was a boon to pastures, as rains have helped stimulate growth and the landscape is beginning to green up.

Hay fields are in good shape, although icy conditions experienced this winter may have taken their toll on alfalfa plants in some locations. Cooler weather led to a slightly slower start for alfalfa crops, and it's projected that fields affected like this may be compromised if the bulk of the crop doesn't recover.

Livestock producers are reporting that they will have adequate feed up until the summer months, but most also report little if any carry-over feed will be left.

water levels in dugouts have recharged well with the week-long drizzle, but it has created some very muddy corals.

Some beef producers have transferred to pastures a bit early, while others have opened small paddocks to get their animals into more space with less mud.

Consistent 20+ temps and lots of sunshine are sure to look and feel great for everyone.

Residents in the Russell area will have the chance to sample foods from 15 different nationalities and cultures later this week.

Russell Culturefest is set to return this Friday night, the first time the event is being held since 2016. 

It will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 at the George Buleziuk Centre, with tickets now available at the town municipal office and at the Filipine Store in Russell. 

They are $15 for adults and $10 for children aged 6-12, with kids 5 and under admitted for free, 

Besides the great food, there will also be numerous cultural performances, including Ukrainian dancers and the Waywayseecappo Pow Wow dancers. 

A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to a local non-profit group in the Russell area. 

Several provincial parks in the Southern part of Manitoba are set to open for campers this weekend.

Among them are the Asessippi campground and day-use areas near Russell. 

Other parks in the Parkland, including Manipogo, Rainbow Beach, Lundar Beach, and parks within the Duck Mountains are not slated to open to campers until next weekend. 

Reservations for campsites, cabins, and group-use areas can be made online at, or by calling 1-888-482-2267.

You are also encouraged to purchase and print your provincial park vehicle permit before you head out. 

You can get those online

The annual State of the City lunch is set for next Tuesday at the Watson Arts Centre. 

The event, presented by the Parkland Chamber of Commerce, will have Dauphin Mayor Dave Bosiak give an update on what is happening and what is on tap in the city. 

Chamber Executive Director Stephen Chychota says it is one of their biggest and highly anticipated lunches of the year.

"I can not speak exactly to the Mayor's presentation, but if you take a look at anywhere in the south end of the city and you will see there is lots happening.  And then there is also what's to come.  So I think the Mayor will touch on what we have been seeing over the past 12 moinths." 

Tickets are now available through the Parkland Chamber's website. 

Chychota encourages anyone interested in attending to purchase their tickets by this Friday.

"That just helps with things and makes sure we have enough space in the room because there is only so many tables and chairs that we can fit in there,  So the sooner rather than the later (for ticket purchases) would be the best.  What ends up happening is that businesses will register their entire team or a big group of it, so they are buying several tables at a time which ends up just snatching up all the seats pretty quickly."

The lunch begins at 11:45 AM on May 14th. 

You'll likely hear an alarm on your phone, or over our airwaves later today, but don't panic!

A test of the Alert Ready system, a National Public alert system is scheduled for today at 1:55 pm.

This system is designed to provide potentially life-saving alerts when it come to amber alerts, or natural disasters like fires, floods, or tornados.

These tests are crucial to make sure that regardless of the situation, citizens can be informed of any major emergency that might be heading your way way.