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If the clouds clear up for Sunday night, people watching the skies could see a beautiful natural event.

the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will be taking place May 5th and 6th, originating from chunks of debris will from Halley's comet.

This Meteor shower will be more prominent in the southern hemisphere, but keen eyes could see several shooting stars streak across the sky if they're looking to the south horizon.

We're expecting a new moon in this time frame, so any of these meteors will be easily visible to the naked eye.

For best viewing results, keep your eyes trained on the south horizon a few hours before sunrise.

The wait is almost over for residents of the Swan Valley.

The government announced this week that a new CT scanner at the Swan Valley Health Centre in Swan River will officially go online as of next month. 

Long championed for by residents in the Valley, who previously had to go to hospitals in Dauphin, Brandon, and Winnipeg for CT scans, the new machine arrived in Swan River in early April. 

Two existing X-ray technologists from the hospital have been trained to operate the new scanner with final training and testing of the machine scheduled to begin later this month.

Besides being a much-needed and highly anticipated piece of equipment for the hospital, Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Uzoma Asagwara says the equipment and renovated space will also create a better experience for hospital staff and support ongoing local staffing recruitment and retention efforts.

The province provided more than $2 million in capital funding towards both the purchase and installation of the new CT scanner, as well as renovations of a space at the hospital.

Town of Swan River and surrounding communities contributed over $1 million towards the project, while the province will also provide funding for the operating costs of the CT scanner, expected to be around $400,000 per year.

Jordon's Principle is a child-first legal obligation that looks to ensure that First Nations children get the services and health care they need when they need it.

This Principle came to be in 2007 to honor Jordan River Anderson, a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba who was born in 1999 with multiple disabilities.

Due to conflicts of responsibility between the provincial and federal governments, Jordan passed before his family could ever receive the resources to care for him at home.

This boy passed away in hospital at the age of 5.

Next week on May 10th, Bear Witness Day will be hosted in Dauphin by West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services to educate people on the Legacy of Jordan's Principle.

From 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, visit CN Park and learn about this last effort to further support healthcare and human rights for children.

A former Pine River resident is making his first foray as an author,

Mark Parsons has released "Surviving Stupid" - a light-hearted look at life growing up in small-town Manitoba.

Parsons says his mom was the inspiration for this book, in particular her love of receiving letters. 

"I kind of figured what makes her smile is getting a letter, so I am going to write her a couple of letters.  I started writing and did not have anything that interesting to about my life, so I just picked some family memories and some old stories and started there.  The first one was very well received and she wanted more, so it just kind of escalated from there. "

Parsons says anyone who grew up in a small, rural community will be able to associate with this book. 

"Small town farming community, isolated.  You have nothing but space to use and your imagination to entertain you.  So that is kind of what this book is about, just figuring out things to do.  And most of them tended to be just on the edge of stupidity." 

Parsons says the book has been well received to date.

The book is available online through Amazon and most book outlets.

Locally you can pick up a copy at a number of locations, including Western Bakery, Reit-Syd Equipment, and Hippy Mama's all in Dauphin, as well as Sheila's Country Store in Pine River.

It is also available at Winnipegosis Meat Market, World Financial Group in Dauphin and Winnipegosis, and LB's General Store and Semtrack Agencies in Ethelbert

Cookies continue to fly out of the Dauphin location as the sweetest annual fundrasier continues.

As of this afternoon at 1:30 pm,  over 27,840 cookies have been sold!

Baking up the most #SmileCookies in all of CANADA! Proud to say we have THREE locations with the highest cookie sales...

Posted by Tim Hortons Westman & Area on Friday, May 3, 2024
>CKDM's Cory "Laffy" Lafontaine was on location through much of today and is proud of the incredible community support that Dauphin and the area brings to the table.
"If you haven't heard yet, we're not only #1 in Manitoba, we are #1 in the nation for cookie sales, so let's keep that going, let's stay on top before the deadline on Sunday... We might not stay there, but with your support, we could win that title!"
It's a busy day, so if you're looking to support your community, you can pre-order some cookies by calling 204-638-3299.
All the money raised - which is nearing $50,000 - stays right here in Dauphin to build the Smile Zone at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre.
Community support has never tasted so sweet!

Members of the Onanole Fire Department have been in their new home since last December, but an official grand opening of the new fire hall is set to take place this weekend.

Speeches from local dignitaries and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 1 pm on Saturday, with the public invited to come take a look at the facility and enjoy hot dogs and cake between 1 and 4 pm. 

Construction on the new, three-bay facility began in June of last year. 

Besides making several announcements while in Swan River on Thursday, Premier Wab Kinew also took the opportunity to tour the Louisiana-Pacific plant near Minitonas.

Kinew said he was particularly looking forward to talking to some of the workers at the plant. 

"I want to see how things are going for them.  Of course, there are industry-specific issues, but every time I am in a location like that, I also want to see how it is going in regards to putting food on the table, how it is going with health care, how is it going with their kids and grandkids in school, and of course, public safety is a top priority." 

Pine Creek First Nation is calling for a halt of Louisiana-Pacific's logging on their traditional lands, including Duck Mountain Provincial Park and forest.

Together with the Wuskwi Sipihk and Sapotaweyak Cree nation, an opposition to the continued logging of Treaty 4 could move to a provincial court case, aimed at both Louisiana-Pacific and the province.

Kinew said he could not comment on the possible court proceedings, but he did stress that Louisiana-Pacific is an important source of jobs to the Swan River Valley. 

" When you think about the challenges that our province faces, think about the big picture, and think about them in every region, including here in the Swan Valley.  Health care, the economy, public safety, addictions, reconciliation, and we can keep adding to this list.  Some part of the solution for each and every one of those challenges we face has to be jobs."

Wednesday of this week marked a special day.

It could have been a day where you said thank you to a first responder. Whether it's RCMP, EMS, or the Fire Department, the incredible first responders in our community and around the Parkland do an outstanding job of serving and protecting.

Why was Wednesday a special day you ask? It was First Responders Day. You may be related to a First Responder, you may be friends with one, or you may just know of one. Whatever the case may be, First Responders are the ones that serve and protect.

For Cam Abrey, being the Chief of the Dauphin Fire Department is a dream come true.

"Being a First Responder and being able to assist someone on what could potentially be the worst day of their life truly is indescribable," said Abrey. "The feeling that you get afterwards, it's hard to put words to how it feels."

There are many thankless jobs in this world and there are many jobs where thanks are plentiful. For Cam, it isn't about hearing someone say thank you.

"I don't think there is a single First Responder regardless of the uniform that signed up for the job to be paid accolades, we are here to help others," offered Abrey. "We don't look for the cards or any of that after, it's just about wanting to help people."

In his 25th year at the Dauphin Fire Department, Abrey says the crew at the DFD is a passionate group that works extremely hard and when you need them, the crew will be there for you.

"I have seen quite a few faces come and go over the years and I want to thank all of them for setting the example," ended Abrey. "It's a pleasure to work alongside these folks. To see how much they care about their fellow people truly is heartwarming."

Dauphin Co-op is thrilled to announce its pledge of $50,000 in backing for the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games, slated to take place in Dauphin from August 11th to 17, 2024.

Being acknowledged as a Friend of the Games sponsor, Dauphin Co-op will extend various forms of support including fuel, food, gift cards, and more. This contribution aims to alleviate operational expenses for over 900 athletes, coaches, and volunteers engaged in the week-long event.

Lorne Eiffert, General Manager of Dauphin Co-op, expressed enthusiasm about the sponsorship.

“Dauphin Co-op is eagerly supporting the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games, aligning with our Vision to Enrich the Life of our Communities and our Brand Promises of being Locally Invested and Community Minded," said Eiffert. "We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the Summer Games Committee to ensure a remarkable experience for the athletes.”

The announcement was made on Friday morning at Dauphin's Co-op.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dauphin Co-op for their generous support. Their commitment as a significant Friend of the Games sponsor not only provides financial assistance but also showcases tremendous local backing for all involved. This collaboration emphasizes the spirit of our community and what the Manitoba Games are all about," said Carla Wolfenden.  Thanks to partners like Dauphin Co-op, we are set to deliver a memorable and successful event that celebrates the spirit of sports and our young athletes."

For more details regarding the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games, head to Summer Games.

Have you ever found that your internet speed doesn't live up to your expectations?

Bill C-288, proposed by Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa Member of Parliament Dan Mazier is looking to clear things up when it comes to seemingly falsely advertised internet speeds. 

"Right now, internet providers can sell you an 'up-to' speed, like 10 and 50, 10 upload, and 50 download. That's kind of the Canadian standard right now. But there's wording right in the advertising. They say 'up-to' and those speeds are for when it works for the services provider, not for when it works for you the user."

This Private member bill has seen near unanimous support as it progressed through the House of Commons, and it currently is waiting for a third reading in the Senate. 

Mazer's goal is to bring this bill to royal ascent soon.

"Ideally, keeping my fingers crossed and all that, hopefully May or June before we rise for the summer. That is my hope for it."

Mazier also hopes that bringing this transparency will keep Service providers accountable, and potentially reduce rates for internet users across Canada.

To learn more about this bill, and the progress its made, visit the Parliament of Canada Website.

The province has announced an increase in the regional Swan River Airport grant from 48 hundred to 96 hundred dollars. 

It is part of a larger announcement by the province that they are doubling funding in the Manitoba Airport Assistance Program, to 156 thousand dollars. 

In making the announcement, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Lisa Naylor said rural airport operations help communities attract economic development, deliver healthcare services, and ensure flights are safe and on time.

In a news release, the province recognized the Swan River Airport's important role as a stopover point for various aircraft including government services aircraft, tour and guiding companies, helicopters, and provincial, national, and international visitors.

They add the airport also serves as a staging area for firefighting aircraft when needed, aerial spraying companies, and corporate aircraft.