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An 18-year-old from Dauphin, a 16-year-old from Duck Bay, and a 15-year-old from Camperville are all facing a slew of charges.

On May 19 at about 3:15 a.m., the Winnipegosis RCMP conducted a traffic stop in Minegoziibe Anishinabe First Nation. During this stop, drug paraphernalia was in plain view inside the vehicle. 

When officers searched the vehicle, illicit cannabis, crack cocaine in individual baggies, a sawed-off shotgun, a handgun, ammunition, black ski masks, Canadian currency, and drug paraphernalia were all found.

As a result, Damien Moosetail, along with a 16-year-old from Duck Bay, and a 15-year-old from Camperville have been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine, Possession of Cannabis for Selling, Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, Possession of a Weapon Obtained by Crime, and several other firearms offences.

All three remain in custody. 

The Parkland Chamber of Commerce is preparing for their final lunch and learn event of the season, which will take place next Tuesday at the Watson Arts Centre.

Executive Director Stephen Chychota thinks it will be a topic of keen interest to everyone in the business sector.

 "Everyone has payment processing, they have a cyber presence, they have digital items like their phones. So there is a slant to it that we are going to be talking about online security and the risks of that and the frauds that can potentially come."

Richard Bankert will discuss these topics, while representatives from the Digital Manitoba Initiative will also be making a presentation during this event. 

"To give us a rundown on what Manitoba businesses have they been doing over the past few years to adapt more technology into their businesses.  Where are they putting those investments and taking on new technologies or made those steps and progress.  It is kind of in that lens that technology does not drive your business, that you have to use the technology in a way that makes your business thrive." 

 You can register for this event by this Friday through the Parkland Chamber's website. 

CAA's 13th annual Manitoba Worst Roads Campaign has wrapped up for another year.

CAA's Ewald Friesen was excited to announce the title of Manitoba's Worst Road.

"We have to announce that dubious distinction this year goes out to 18th Street out in Brandon. #1 Worst Road."

Here's the full list of the top 10 worst roads:

  1. 18th Street, Brandon
  2. Leila Avenue, Winnipeg
  3. PR 307, Whiteshell
  4. Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg
  5. PTH 26, Saint François Xavier
  6. Empress Street, Winnipeg
  7. Pandora Avenue, Winnipeg
  8. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg
  9. Grant Avenue and Munroe Avenue, Winnipeg
  10. Inkster Boulevard and Richmond Avenue, Winnipeg

There were a couple of roadways in the  parkland areas that appeared on the list, namely Main street in Russel and Provincial Road 274 in Gilbert Plains.

Friesen hopes the level of involvement sparks some action from the provincial government.

"This year, we had 71 different municipalities participate in the campaign, and together they nominated 486 different potential worst roads. So that tells us there's no shortage of frustration out there."

It's not all bad news, as Friesen said some names have disappeared from the list.

"there are some success stories. for instance, highway 75 out in Morris, the province announced a $61 million investment to repair the road. year over year, St.James in here in Winnipeg, it was in our top 10 list, we dont hear about it any more."

 The next step for CAA is to take this information to the provincial Government to let them know which roads need the most work, and what work is the most important to the citizens of Manitoba.

Corporal Richard Janzen's stepfather was killed by a drunk driver.

You too may have had someone seriously injured or killed by someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Every day, on average, four Canadians are killed and 175 more are injured in impairment-related crashes.

It is estimated that between 1,250 and 1,500 people are killed each year by drivers who are under the influence. For Corporal Janzen, losing his stepfather was a nightmare. 

"We have taxis, you have friends, and you have family," said Janzen, who is a Traffic Services Officer with the Manitoba RCMP. "There are so many options. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is not okay."

Alcohol isn't the only thing; however. Many people these days are driving under the influence of Cannabis. Earlier this month, a 27-year-old female from Dauphin had her license suspended after being charged for Driving on the Opposite Side of the Roadway. She had tested positive for Cannabis. 

"As soon as we have a reasonable suspicion that someone is under the influence of a drug, we have a drug screening tool that we use," said Janzen. "It will test for the legal limit of Cannabis and other drugs. There is also a physical coordination test."

Janzen wants to re-iterate that the RCMP is on patrols 24/7 and if you are driving while under the influence, severe penalties can come.

These can include financial penalties but more importantly, you can severely injure yourself or someone else and in some cases, someone could be killed.

"We are out non-stop, especially with Mandatory Alcohol Screeing, officers are doing these at every stop," ended Janzen. "You would be surprised with how many impaired drivers we are getting from partying the night before."

Week 20 of the Manitoba Crop Report saw a lot of rain throughout the week, slowing some seeding down, but not falling too far behind on the 5-year average.

Even the driest location in our area, Swan Valley, still saw 9 mm of rain, with Reedy Creek topping the chart at 67.8 mm.

Despite the rain, Provincial seeding progress is about 47% complete, slightly behind the 5-Year average of 52% for week 20.

Producers have focused on planting corn, which is 65% complete, cereals, at 70% complete and peas nearly done at 90% complete.

Canola planting has just started with roughly 20% of the acres planted.

Soil temperatures were adequately warm and the seeding of more sensitive crop types such as soybeans has begun, currently at 34% completion.

However, The Interlake region is behind other areas due to recent rains and sits at 30% complete.

Winter cereal fertilizer applications are complete with field survival at 85-95% and only a few fields terminated. Winter cereal stands are growing rapidly.

Spring wheat and barley are sitting at 77% complete across the province with the Central region being the most advanced at 85% complete. Early planted fields are in the 3 to 4 leaf stage.

Canola is about 1/5th complete, and Sunflowers are at 26% complete, but a slower start to oilseeds is noticeable from this moisture.

Field pea planting is at 90% completion across the province. The Interlake region however is only at 45% complete due to recent rains. Most of the pea acres in Manitoba are grown in the West and Northwest regions.

The rain was great news for livestock producers though, as Nearly all creeks, streams, dugouts, and sloughs have refilled to capacity.

Cattle feed levels hold for most producers, and many have put cows out to pasture to get them out of the muddy conditions.

Some cattle are being turned out to pasture where there is carryover forage or turned out with supplemental feed. More cattle will go out over the next 7 to 10 days. Producers want to ensure forage growth is adequate, 5-6” tall, before grazing.

As well, calving season is nearly wrapped up, but there's been an abundance of ticks, as well as the first few mosquitos. Both of which are sure to be a nuisance. 

In the Northwest Region, some seeding took place bumping our region to 40-45% complete. Field peas are nearly complete for seeding at 90% in our area, with some of the earliest planted fields emerging.

Precipitation came primarily in rain, but also in the form of hail in some areas. The highest accumulated precipitation amounts were in Reedy Creek and The Pas with 67 and 59mm, respectively.

Spring wheat seeding continues and is approximately 75% complete, and the earliest seeded wheat that has emerged, growing nicely.

Barley and oat seeding is approximately 30% complete. Canola seeding is 25% and soybean is 15% complete.

Winter wheat and fall rye crops are growing nicely, with a small amount of winterkill.

The weeds and volunteers are also growing though. Luckily, there have been some fair conditions for spraying Herbicides to help manage this issue.

This week should hopefully hold a little less rain so seeding can kick into high gear. Some cooler temperatures hopefully won't cause issues, as Thursday is forecasting 0 over night.

It was a busy weekend for Dauphin RCMP as they worked hard to keep the City Safe.

Over the May long weekend, Dauphin RCMP made 4 separate traffic stops, all of which resulted in the seizure of drugs and weapons.

On May 17, a traffic stop was initiated on Mountain Road. Two of the three occupants of the vehicle were found to have outstanding warrants.

The investigation led to the arrest of all three occupants and the seizure of methamphetamine, cocaine, a cutting agent, Tramadol pills, drug paraphernalia, and Canadian and American currency.

Leslie McKay, age 42, Robert Chartrand, age 46 (both from pine creek, and April Bull, age 28, of Dauphin were arrested and are facing charges of Possession of Drugs for Trafficking for both cocaine and methamphetamine and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.

They were remanded in custody.

Another stop took place May 18th on Mountain Road, and  One of the passengers was found to be wanted.

The investigation led to the arrest of all the occupants and the seizure of methamphetamine, crack cocaine, Gabapentin pills, drug paraphernalia, and Canadian currency.

Brian Houle, age 39; Sherise Hunter, age 33; and a 45-year-old male, all from Ebb and Flow First Nation, were arrested and are facing charges of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking for both crack cocaine and methamphetamine, and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.

Hunter, who had a warrant, and Houle were both remanded while the 45-year-old male was released with a court date.

On May 19, 2024, at approximately 2:05 am, a traffic stop was initiated with two vehicles associated to each other on 2nd Street Southwest.

Investigation led to the arrest of all six occupants from both vehicles, and the seizure of a sawed-off rifle, an imitation handgun, methamphetamine, cocaine, a baton, and Canadian currency.

Four males, aged 16, 19, 32, and 38, and two females, aged 31 and 37, all of Swan River, are facing charges of Possession for Trafficking both cocaine and methamphetamine, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime, Possession of a Prohibited Firearm, and other weapons offenses.

All six individuals have been released with a court date.

And finally on May 19, 2024, at about 9:35 pm, a traffic stop was done Main Street.

Two males fled from the vehicle when it came to a stop. Officers located the two nearby and they were taken into custody.

A 25-year-old male from Dauphin was found in possession of cocaine, psilocybin, drug paraphernalia, and bear spray. He is facing charges of Possession for Trafficking both cocaine and psilocybin, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime, and Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose.

A 15-year-old male from Dauphin was found to have bear spray. He is facing the charge of Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose.

Both were released with court dates.

The total amount of drugs seized over the four traffic stops is more than 108 grams of cocaine, more than 105 grams of methamphetamine, and 30 grams of psilocybin.

Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm.

This severe thunderstorm is moving east at 20 km/h, bringing lightning, high wind conditions, and up to nickel-sized hail.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued when imminent or occurring thunderstorms are likely to produce or are producing one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, and torrential rainfall.

This warning is in effect for the RMs of Dauphin, Sifton, Valley River, Gilbert Plains, and more.

Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads.

Large hail can damage property and cause injury.

Strong wind gusts can toss loose objects, damage weak buildings, break branches off trees, and overturn large vehicles. Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes.

Stay indoors, its going to be an intense storm.

If you're getting to much static over the AM airwaves, click the Listen Live button, as our online feed does not get any static!

Earlier this year, CAA Manitoba asked residents to give their thoughts on what were the worst roads in the province.

On Wednesday, the organization will release this year's list of the 10 worst roads in the province, as well as the 5 worst roads within each region in Manitoba.

CAA Manitoba says this activity is a platform for Manitobans to help make our roads safer, by helping different levels of government understand which roadway improvements are important to citizens, and where those improvements should be happening.  

2024 is the 13th year for CAA's Worst Roads in Manitoba promotion. 

Some of the top High School Junior Rodeo athletes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota, will be in Gilbert Plains this weekend for the Intermountain High School Rodeo Association Junior Finals.

Courtney Roehl is the treasurer of the Gilbert Plains High School Rodeo Committee, and goes over some of the events that people will see during the three day competition.

"You will be able to watch everything from chute-dogging to barrel racing, pole bending, saddle steers, bronc riding, bull riding.  Basically everything you can see at a rodeo but with our up-and-coming kids."

Roehl says around 100 athletes will be taking part, adding there'll be a sizable economic impact to the Gilbert Plains area.

"We will have multiple families coming in, most of them will be arriving on Thursday night.  So we will definitely see some additional traffic in town and at our restaurants and gas stations.  It is a great event for our community to host."

This is the second year in a row that Gilbert Plains is hosting the High School Junior Finals.

The event is free to attend, and begins with a ceremony at 11 am on Friday, with rodeo performances set for Friday at noon, Saturday at 10 am and Sunday at 9 am.

It will take place at the Gilbert Plains rodeo grounds. 

A 29-year-old female from Dauphin has been charged with multiple offences after stealing a septic truck on Monday morning.

On Monday at about 9:20 a.m., Ste. Rose RCMP received a report that a female had stolen the truck from the Ebb and Flow First Nation and was last seen on Provincial Road 278. When officers saw the vehicle heading westbound on Highway 68 toward Ste. Rose, a traffic stop was initiated; however, the driver did not stop.

The truck was driving erratically and veered into the oncoming lane of traffic and several motorists were forced off the road. No collisions happened and no one was injured.

Once a spike belt was deployed, officers were able to stop the vehicle. The vehicle then went into the ditch and the female driver tried to flee on foot, but she was captured after a short foot pursuit. 

She has been charged with Theft of Motor Vehicle, Flight from Police, and Dangerous Driving. She has been released from custody and the septic truck was recovered by officials from the Ebb and Flow First Nation. 

Day passes for this year's edition of Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa go on sale as of Wednesday.

Tickets will be available online at , or by calling 1-888-330-8333.

This year's festival goes August 2nd to 4th.

The lineup is highlighted by Prism, Molly Hatchett and Kim Mitchell on the Friday, Econoline Crush and Theory of a Deadman on the Saturday, and the Trews, Colin James, and Amanda Marshall on the Sunday.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the festival.