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Three people who were taken away from their families as toddlers, told their stories today at the Dauphin Friendship Centre. 

Directors at the Watson Crossley Museum in Grandview are pleased to announce some changes this year.

Dauphin's debate covered a wide range of topics last night, but when it came time for candidates to ask questions of each other, the clear targets were the NDP and the Progressive Conservatives.

This year's Dauphin Rotary Club book fair raised just over $6,200 this year.

Two popular Manitoban dance groups are hoping their talents will bring smiles to two First Nations plagued by suicides.

Tonight is one of the last chances for Dauphin's provincial election hopefuls to get ahead in the polls.

Dauphin's Fire Chief says today's conference in Saskatchewan will be a great opportunity to learn.

Students At Gilbert Plains Collegiate are graduating high school with a lot more knowledge for when they enter into the real world.

The Brandon University Student Union released a letter of support on Saturday for victims of sexual violence.

Most MTS services are out for customers in the Dauphin, Neepawa, and Minnedosa regions.