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The City of Dauphin would like all residents to know that there will be a road closure today.

If you went to McDonald's this past weekend here in Dauphin and bought a Big Mac or a Double Big Mac, you contributed to helping the people affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires.

Photo Credit: Norman Casavant
Three staff members who work in the Student Services Department and are teachers at DRCSS were at the legislature this weekend accepting an award.

After watching an in depth documentary on sexual exploitation at the Countryfest Community Cinema today, people who attended walked away with knowing more than they did before, and for one it brought back some memories.

There are three opportunities for people in Dauphin to donate blood this summer.

Temperatures are set to improve a little this weekend, and it is a good thing because tomorrow marks the start of the fishing season!

All students from K-6 at Henderson Elementary got to sit in on a motivational hoop dance presentation today.

Even though they are two provinces away, the servers at Corrina's Resturaunt are wanting to do what they can to help out people who were affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire.