Former Dauphin Kings goaltender Brett Willows is set to return to the Kings organization, this time as the team's goaltending coach.


"I am super excited to be back as a part of the Kings organization," said Willows. "As a player they gave me such a huge opportunity to not only be a part of a team that had success, but also as a 5 foot 9 goalie to be a starter, not many other teams would have given me a chance, but they did, so I am excited to be back, and I can't wait to pass off some of my knowledge with the goaltenders for this upcoming season."

Willows was a part of the Dauphin Kings when the team hosted the Royal Bank Cup back in 2010 and lost in the finals. During that regular season, Willows went 21-5 with a 2.80 GAA, and a .906 save percentage. Overall, Willows was a goalie for the Kings for three seasons.

After leaving Dauphin, Willows took his talents and joined the University of Toronto Varsity Reds. During his five seasons there, Willows accumulated a 34-29 record which included a career-high .930 save percentage during the 2012-2013 season.

Now, Willows in Winnipeg studying.

"Right now I am doing my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Manitoba," said Willows. "Prior to that, I finished up my Kinesiology Bachelor degree during my time at the University of Toronto, but right now, I'm in summer mode because I don't have any practicum, but I'm looking forward to that changing come the beginning of August.

You can see Willows, and the rest of the Dauphin Kings on September 4, when they host the Swan Valley Stampeders in exhibition action.