The saying is hard work pays off, and that couldn't be any more true for 14-year-old Mackenzie Zatylny who made the Team Manitoba training team.


Being just 14 years old, Zatylny, and her mother Cindy, both from Gilbert Plains knew making the U17 would be a tough feat.

"There was 84 girls who tried out, most of which were a lot older then her, but I told her to just go in, have some fun and gain some experience for later." said Cindy Zatylny.

Despite the age difference, Mackenzie showed her skill, and passion for the game and when the family found out she made the training team, they were thrilled.

"When we got the email offering her a spot, we were very proud of her, it really was a shock because most of the girls were a lot older then her." said Cindy Zatylny

Other then being a part of Team Manitoba's training squad, Zatylny is a very busy girl. She plays for GPCI Junior and Varsity teams, and the Parkland Vipers club team.

"We have a volleyball court outside our house, she's always playing volleyball, she just loves it." said Cindy Zatylny

Mackenzie will now practice with Team Manitoba throughout the summer, before returning back to play for GPCI this fall.

"I'm so proud of her, she is so humble about everything, and I don't think she really realizes her accomplishments.