27-year-old Amanda Thornborough of Brandon, Manitoba is set to represent Canada, as she was one of 28 women chosen to take part in the 2017 World Cup that kicks off in Ireland in early August.


"It's a huge honour to represent my country," said Thornborough. "I've been able to travel all around the world to represent Canada, and every time I put on the jersey, it's an absolutely unreal feeling for me."

This is the second time Thornborough will be playing in a World Cup, previously she played from Team Canada when they placed second in the 2014 World Cup. 

Thornborough is the lone manitoban on the squad, and 18 players are returning from when the team placed second three years ago.

"I work really hard, I put in about four hours a day in the gym," said Thornborough. "I've sustained some pretty serious injuries that I've come back from solely just to play on the national team and to pursue my passion. My passion and work ethic is pretty relentless."

When asked if she gets any "cheat days", she replied with yes, I get a few days off here and there.

Thornborough and the rest of her teammates are set to depart on July 25, but their first game is not until August 9 against Hong Kong. The Canadians will then take on Wales on August 13, and wrap up their round-robin schedule with a date against New Zealand on August 17.

The team will play all their round-robin games in Dublin, and as Thornborough mentions, they should have a good shot at advancing to games in Belfast (playoffs) and winning it all.

"We're ranked third in the world, and we just got back from New Zealand. It's pretty amazing to be ranked third in the world, so we're excited for the World Cup." said Thornborough.