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It's only day one, and the Dauphin Fire Department's Rooftop Camp out has already been a huge success.
They will be camping out on top of the Dauphin Market Place Mall to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy until Sunday evening.
They have a goal of $7,500 and they want to double it to $15,000. Today they had donations of $2,099.85 to bring their total campaign up to $11,637.66.
Firefighter with the Dauphin Fire Department, Robbie Tomkins says they were a lot more prepared this year than last year.
"Last year we grabbed the bull horns and went with it, right. And we were just shooting in the dark and it came out really good. Don't get us wrong, last year was awesome. But this year we ironed out all the bumps and then next year it's only going to keep get better and better, we will be more prepared for things and whatnot. We learned how to set up camp better, we got a better heating system, things like that."
Cody Langlois, who is also a firefighter for the DFD says that there was a challenge issued today that puts a fun spin on everything. 
"Earlier today we had the Parkland Fire Extinguisher come down and donate $100 and two of his fire extinguishers. He also issued a challenge to local businesses to meet or beat his donation."
Last year they had a goal of $5,000 and at the end they ended up with a total of $10,000. So they are well past last year's total already.