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The seventh annual Voices of the Angels evenings in support of Mental Health will be happening this weekend.
The two day event will have young local youth bands and entertainers, as well as have guest speakers from the Parkland area who will be telling their story of recovery.
Outreach Manager for the Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba in the Parkland Region, Elanor Snitka says this event is aimed to end the stigma that still exist's with mental illness.
"I want people to know that we have to do this and we have to talk about mental illness so that people are more excepted. They are more excepted in their community, in their work places and with their families and so on."
Snitka does recommend you get your tickets before rather than at the door. But you can buy tickets at the door. Tickets are $15. And you can get them by calling Elanor at 638-7278.
The first night kicks off this Friday night at 7:30pm at the Old Fire Hall, 7:30pm as well on Saturday at the Watson Art Centre's main auditorium.