The Inter-Mountain Watershed District(IMWD) has launched a public engagement survey about the Dauphin Lake Enhanced Surface Water Management Plan for Turtle River and Ochre River watershed residents.

They are looking for feedback from residents of the area, to get a better understanding of their priorities says Robert Brunel, board member of IMWD and mayor of Ste. Rose.

"It's a great opportunity for residents and landowners to provide some input. The watershed is always looking for input on what people would like to see, whether it's improved drainage or projects to improve slowing down the water. We know after last spring we had a lot of water within the watershed and there was some flooding, maybe there are some projects out there that people are interested in participating in, and this is a great step to start that conversation."

In the survey, residents will be asked to rank priorities for the plan, share opinions on the current drainage system, identify how the 2022 flood has affected them, and any other suggestions or improvements they feel could be made within the IMWD.

IMWD is responsible for the maintenance of about 800 km of drainage channels and 900 crossings that transport water from Riding Mountain, down to Dauphin Lake. Brunel says the survey is open to everyone, but those who will be affected the most by these projects get a mail out.

"There was a mailout to all households within the municipality of Ste. Rose, McCreary, and the Ochre River part of Lakeshore Municipality, but the online survey is open to anyone that may have an interest and may want to provide some input on the integrated water management strategy."

The survey is available online at the IMWD website and can also be accessed by scanning the QR code below.