The Ukrainian Patriot was started just five days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since then, they've been able to collect countless non-lethal military supplies for those on the front lines.

Lana Niland was originally from Saskatoon but has been living in Ukraine for years. She was at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival and spoke about everything the fund has been doing.

"At this moment I would say that our biggest focus is making sure that we have IFACK's which are individual first aids kits for anybody who's really quite close to the front line. In that includes things like tourniquets, hemostatic, bandages, gauze, anything that would keep someone alive if they were to receive some hit of some kind, to get them to the first level of care, get them stabilized, get them to second level, and so on and so forth."

Niland says they've also been able to supply assistance to people trying to flee areas of conflict.

 "We are also making sure that anybody who needs an evacuation out of these really hard hit areas is able to get one. So we have drivers and we've established a small fleet of vehicles actually that not just brings aid into and distributes throughout the country, but is also going into these really really hot areas to bring people out and then get them to safety as well."

Ukrainian Patriot is still taking donations through their website to make sure they're able to continue helping people on the ground in Ukraine.