There are a number of closures at Riding Mountain National Park due to damages caused by flooding.

The following trails are closed until further notice:

    • Clear Lake North Shore Trail
    • Clear Lake South Shore Trail
    • Cowan Lake Trail
    • Grey Owl Trail
    • Kinosao Trail (from Kinosao Lake to the Grey Owl Trail junction)
    • Beach Ridges Trail
    • Boreal Trail
    • Bead Lakes Trail
    • Ochre River Trail
    • Grasshopper Valley Trail
    • Tilson Lake Trail
    • Bald Hill Trail
    • Reeve Ravine Trail
    • North Escarpment Trail
    • Scott Creek Trail
    • Burls and Bittersweet Trail
    • Breezy Hill Trail
    • J.E.T. Trail
    • East Deep Lake Trail

A detailed map of the trail closures can be found on the Parks Canada website.

In addition to numerous trails that have been closed, there are also a number of closures in the Lake Audy area.

This includes the Lake Audy campground, day-use area, boat launch, bison enclosure and horse corral. Lake Audy Road has also been closed — in both directions — from the intersection with Lake Audy Dam Road to the eastern crossing of Jackfish Creek.

More information on those closures can be found here.