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Here are some highlights from the 2016 Dauphin Kings AGM.


- Total revenue: $491,047

Total expenditures: $472,015

- Brought in $19,032 in profit this season.

- Ticket sales were down from the 2014-15 season.

- In 2014 the team carried a debt of $228,000, over two years the Dauphin Kings have decreased their debt by $100,000 and it is now down to $128,000.

- The team aims to be debt-free in another two years.

- Operating costs are up less than 1% compared to previous season.

- Average attendance of 598 per game.

- Hiring a marketing director, Christian Laughland, one of two full-time employees a strong investment for the Kings. One of the last teams in the league to hire dedicated Marketing/Media Relations position.

- Christian Laughland promises the Dauphin Kings website will be the best in the league when he's done with it.

- The Kings have teamed up with Ruff's Furniture in Dauphin again to bring fans a Ukrainian-themed night on January 28th. This year's Ukrainian night will feature special Ukrainian-themed jerseys.

- The Kings will host four separate 'Skate with the Kings' events throughout the season.

- Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy will sponsor the Kings home opener again this year.

- The Kings will have more in-game contests, prizes, and overall involvement.

- Kings plan to return to selling merchandise again, hope to have it by exhibition season.

- Kings need more volunteers.

- Barcode ticketing system replaced with traditional rip-and-tear ticketing.

Committee Reports

- 50/50 was up this year. 50/50 can be a great team-building event for volunteers that is simple to learn and fun.

- The Kings used $21,000 from Kings Bingo, an increase of $17,000 from the previous year.

- The Tractor lotto raised just over $104,000 which accounts for 20% of the Kings operating costs.

- The Ag Project will take a year off, and resume again in a year if available land and volunteers are found.

- The summer quad lotto raised $10,000 last year. The Kings are in the finishing stages of organizing the lottery again this year. The ticket will be drawn during the Kings second exhibition game, and first at home, against Virden on September 9th.

- Exact result from this year's Kings Par 3 Extravaganza are not yet in but the Kings raised somewhere from $10,00-12,000. 

- Whitney Odut has organized the Kings Par 3 Extravaganza successfully for 3 years now, but would like to step down.

GM / Head Coach 2016-17 Planning

- Alumni Bryn Chyzyk (North Dakota - NCAA), and David Anning - assistant coach (Brandon Wheat Kings - WHL) congratulated for championship seasons.

- Kirklan Lycar, lead Kings in scoring, will return this year

- 70 players attended April spring camp

- Kings have already signed 4 players for next year - will be announced Fri, June 17th.

- Head scout Mitchell Kirkup thanked

- Kings are focusing on their strengths: talent and youth, with a plan to make young players into long-term, 3-4 year, Kings.

- Will make a great commitment to Dauphin Minor Hockey this year. 

Governor's Report

- One more year of the balanced schedule.

- At the Board of Governor's meeting the possibility of inter-league play with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League was discussed. Anywhere from 12-24 games.

- All MJHL teams have agreed to share complete financial info, audited statements to be submitted to the league by August.

- MJHL's new Director of Hockey Operations, Kevin Saurette, will serve like an auditor, ensuring fans are getting similar value in all rinks throughout the league.

- The Western Canada Cup will be in Penticton, BC this season. 

- No MJHL, or AJHL teams want to host the next Western Canada Cup as communities are losing because of it. Future of the WCC uncertain, discussed possibility of bringing back Anavet Cup to be played between the champions of the MJHL and SJHL.

Blaine Johnson has resigned from the board as Director of External Relations; however, he will remain with the team on the lottery committee.

Three new board members appointed.

- Director of Volunteers: Ray Lofgren

- Director of Billets: Cam Abrey

- Co-Director of External Relations: Rae Csversko