If you're a golfer, there's a good chance that you've been asked how many rounds you have already played this season. With the season less than a month old, you'll get answers anywhere from just a couple to a handful to dozens, and anything in between. 

Thomas Scott certainly fits in the dozens category as the Dauphinite has teed it up about 25 times already this season. That means on average, Scott is playing more than one round a day, that's just how big of a golfer he is. The fact is he golfs every day and on several days, he'll tee it up more than once with a great group of friends that he plays with at the Dauphin Lake Golf Club.

This is Scott's third year of golfing basically every day in the summer and he says he got the passion for the game from his dad who used to be a big-time golfer as well during his junior days. 

Most of Scott's rounds in a year are outside of tournament play and all of them this year have been so far. However, that is set to change early next month. Scott will make the roughly four hour trip to Winkler as he tees it up in Golf Manitoba's Match Play Championship qualifier at the Winkler Golf Club. 

The event will be Thomas' first of the season and it'll also mark the first time that he's ever played in the men's amateur event. Scott says there truly is nothing better on a golf course than competing in an event with the best across the province.

"It's such a great chance to get experience, I love competitive golf," said Scott. "I'm a pretty competitive guy, so it just makes sense that I would play in events."

Being just 15-years-old, Scott still has a few years of junior eligibility so he will play some of those events this summer as well. As far as expectations for the event in Winkler, it's more so just about improving for Scott. He knows the field will be extremely tough and deep, full of the best players in the province. It'll also include Austin Dobrescu who won the amateur event last summer. 

The game plan is to keep it simple, minimize his mistakes, and most importantly, have some fun while playing some tournament golf, something that Thomas has certainly loved doing.

"There's going to be mistakes, I just have to find a way to rebound from them," he added. 

Tee-times haven't been published as of yet; however, we will have Thomas' results when the event begins.

Gridiron story:

Thomas says he loves the individuality that comes with playing golf. However, Thomas is also a big team player as he has shown on the football field.

100733861 265754594835360 5150256659439812608 nHe played with the Dauphin Clippers football team this past season where he played quarterback. 

We already know that Thomas has a bright future on the golf course. On the football field, he's known as a man with some speed and a good arm, so a bright future in football could be on the way as well.

"I certainly love football, it's pretty physical, and I find I enjoy that," concluded Scott. "I guess we'll see where it goes."

He also adds that the only thing on his mind right now is the tournament he will play on June 6 and 7. The top 32 men from the tournament will advance to the matches beginning on June 12.