Eamonn Miller didn't even start the season in the MJHL. He's played in the league before, however, as he played the past two seasons with the OCN Blizzard.
Now he's with the Dauphin Kings, and he's been a production machine so far. In his three games with the club, the 20-year-old from BC has two goals.

Both of those goals came against the team's Parkland rival Swan Valley Stampeders. 

"Things have been going great," said Miller. "Since I've been here the guys have been super welcoming. I have some history playing for Doug for the past two seasons in OCN. It's been nice to score a couple goals, and yeah, I'm really enjoying things here."

Eamonn began the season with the Odessa Jackalopes in the North American Hockey League (NAHL).

"Things just didn't work out there, and being comfortable with Doug, I gave him a call," added Miller. "I was obviously looking for somewhere to go and Dauphin was my first choice. I knew some of the players and I've played in this league before."

Miller's first goal was a shorthanded marker in his debut as a King. It came last Tuesday against the Stampeders. He followed that up with a nice goal this past Saturday, also against the Stamps.

"I wasn't really expecting the start I've had, but it's always really nice to score," said Miller. "It felt amazing to come back and have an immediate impact, especially because I was just released from Odessa."

If you've seen Eamonn play, you know what kind of player he is. If you haven't, he's a very exciting player to watch. He's not a big guy, but he's got a lot of skill and he'll put his body on the line at any time.

"I like being a two-way player, being reliable offensively and defensively," said Miller. "I want to be the player that the coaches put out at the end of the game in a big spot."

Better Know A King - Eamonn Miller.

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia.

Golfer? Yes. Handicap? I don't really even think about that, I just go out with my buddies and have some fun.

Was it hard to move away from home to play hockey? At first, it was, but I've been away for four years now. I get to see my family and friends in the summer and Christmas break.

When did you realize you wanted to play at this level? I think when I first started at a young age and I've been playing forever now. There was a local junior team and those guys were like heroes. I wanted to be like them.

Besides playing, what did you enjoy about being at the rink? The Zamboni was pretty cool. The mascots were awesome, I was always wanting photos with the different ones and things like that. But, the main thing was the players. It was so cool watching the guys play at a high level.

Favourite moment as a junior hockey player? No doubt it was making it to the league final with OCN two seasons ago against Portage.

Pregame rituals? I usually put the left side of my equipment on before the right.

Eamonn and the Kings will now return to the ice this evening to challenge the Swan Valley Stampeders. He's already scored two goals against the team in two games. What magic does Eamonn have up his sleeves tonight? 

You can also hear the full interview with Eamonn during the second intermission of tonight's broadcast right here on 730CKDM.

Photo Credit - Dauphin Kings/Pederson Photographic.