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Mountain View School Division has presented a revised version of their 2016-2021 Division Plan.

Alonsa, Grandview, Birch River, Camperville, and Mafeking, you're up.

The RM of Dauphin is still looking for input on where to go with phase two of its water pipeline project.

Photo courtesy of Office of Robert Sopuck
A local Parkland politician is arguing for a new softwood lumber agreement with the United States.  

Come down to the Dauphin Friendship Centre this Friday for the 'Dress for the Cause' Fundraiser.

Photo of the damaged billboard in May 2015 -- submitted by Brad Collett
Mother Nature doesn't seem to want people driving past Portage to come to Dauphin.

The City of Dauphin's fall clean-up campaign is halfway done.

It's day two of Prairie Mountain Health's fall flu shot campaign up in the Parkland, with Dauphin and Waterhen receiving service today.

Mountain View School Division's five year Division Plan was once again a major talking point at last night's board meeting.

Gilbert Plains is Still Standing, although last night they were ROFLing.

Recycling numbers in Dauphin are down for September compared to last year but still above the three year average.