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The seventh annual Voices of the Angels evenings in support of Mental Health will be happening this weekend.

It's only day one, and the Dauphin Fire Department's Rooftop Camp out has already been a huge success.

Organizers demonstrate some of the orientation activities to members of Mountain View School Division on Monday
Roblin Elementary School wants to get to know next year's kindergarten students.

Photo Credit: Dan Soprovich

One of Swan River's candidates in the provincial election is making his voice heard.

A local man instrumental in the Dauphin and Manitoba snowmobile scene has died.

Health care is one of the major issues for Dauphin's NDP candidate leading into the April 19th election.

The writ dropped today, and the Manitoba provincial election is officially underway.

The Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club is getting ready for their first ever Landowner and Volunteer Appreciation Social Evening.

There is a new face at Gilbert Plains Municipality.

It was such a success that they are planning on doing it again!