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Manitoba Man Falls From Tree

A 49-year-old man is in hospital in Manitoba after falling 30 metres from a tree.

Police say the man was trimming a tree in Brandon on Friday when he fell, landed on the roof of a garage and then rolled off onto a concrete driveway.

He was wearing a harness, but it snapped when he fell.

Workplace Health and Safety is investigating.


Bees Descend On Brandon Resident's Pool 

A homeowner with a swimming pool in Manitoba says bees from a nearby apiary are buzzing onto his property in search of water.

Richard Baker, who lives south of Brandon, says he's allergic to bees and his son is terrified of them. Baker took the company before the Manitoba Farm Industry Practices Board and argued the apiary owner wasn't providing the bees adequate food and water.

The board ruled earlier this year that the disturbance from the beekeeping was a result of normal farm practice.

Bryan Grysiuk, owner of Grysiuk Honey Farms, says the pool owner's land is in the middle of an agricultural area.


Cat Cafe Opens In Winnipeg

A new cafe has opened in Winnipeg for cat lovers.

Fur Babies has teamed up with Ksen's Kittens, allowing people to sit, relax, and get close up and personal with a number of cats in their natural environment.

The initiative allows residents to see the cats in a different light, rather than through a traditional rescue says Michelle Ashcroft co-owner of Ksen's Kittens.

Anyone interested in attending the cafe will be charged ten dollars to enter. 


Water Park Reopens After Oil Spill

A water park is open again after an oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River last month forced it to close. 

Thirty-five full and part-time lifeguards at the Kinsmen Water Park in Prince Albert were temporarily laid off following the Husky Energy pipeline spill near Maidstone.

The city is now getting its water from temporary pipelines that it built to other rivers in the region.

The city says it will be seeking compensation from Husky Energy on behalf of the lifeguards.


Switzerland Train Attack

Swiss police say the man who attacked passengers aboard a train with a knife and burning liquid, killing one and wounding five others, has died of his own injuries.

St. Gallen canton (state) police said the suspect, described only as a 27-year-old Swiss man from a neighbouring state, had been suffering from serious burns himself.

They said in a statement that he died in a hospital Sunday. A 34-year-old woman earlier died of her train attack wounds in a hospital.

Three others remain in critical condition.


The search for a missing Winnipeg man who lived with mental health issues has come to an end.

Two veteran Brandon police officers are facing obstruction charges after an investigation into an alleged assault at a bar in the city in 2014.

Have you taken pictures of animals, landscapes, or Nature lately? If so, you can enter them into the Dauphin Library's photo contest.

Upgrades to the rural water distribution system in Gilbert Plains will be taking place on Monday.

Ochre River will be hosting families from the community tomorrow at their 'Family Fun Day' event.

The year's first case of West Nile Virus in a human has been found in Manitoba.

It's been more than 130 years since a Dauphin man's grandparents immigrated to Canada from Iceland.

The City of Dauphin will switch to mechanized recycling pick-up, with bigger bins, as of September 13.