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Photo Credit: Gillian Mitchell

Goose Lake High in Roblin says last night's fundraiser far exceeded expectations.

The school held an art auction and talent show to help out the victims of the Fort McMurray wildfires.

Planner Nathalie Beerman says she was amazed by the support they received from the community.
"It was quite overwhelming the support we received from the community. We were inundated with art, dessert, and talent. In the end, we raised about $4,000. Funds are still coming in, so we exceeded the $4,000 mark."
Their original goal was just $1,000.
Beerman says part of the success came from the students who came up with the idea and did a lot of the organizing.
"They're just natural leaders, and they have natural talents in planning. It was the kind of thing that was easy to oversee, because if there was something that needed to be done, it was done. If we came up with an idea, it was carried through or talked out, and it was perfected and done."
A few of the art pieces included oil and acrylic paintings, prints, items from Ducks Unlimited, and quilts. Many of the pieces were put together by students.