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Dauphin's debate covered a wide range of topics last night, but when it came time for candidates to ask questions of each other, the clear targets were the NDP and the Progressive Conservatives.
PC candidate Brad Michaleski's questions were the only ones addressed to candidates of any other party -- those being the Manitoba Party's Darrell Inkster and Green Party candidate Kate Storey -- but even those questions seemed to be about the NDP government's track record.
"This is a question for Kate Storey of the Green Party. Kate, everybody knows that when it comes to health care, the NDP have failed Manitobans... How will the Green Party address 16 years of mismanagement in our health care system?" asked Michaleski.
Michaleski's question to Darrell Inkster centred around job numbers in Manitoba, claiming NDP leader Greg Selinger either doesn't know the numbers or is misleading Manitobans. Inkster got a big laugh saying the question was unfair because he has to agree with Michaleski, which makes him look bad.
Brad Michaleski (PC), Darcy Scheller (NDP), Darrell Inkster (Manitoba Party), Kate Storey (Green Party), and Garry Gurke (Liberal) all participated in the event.