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Directors at the Watson Crossley Museum in Grandview are pleased to announce some changes this year.
Directors of the museum are wanting to build a whole new building to be added to the original museum, a new exhibit, and re-locating the log cabin and fix the bottom logs.
Chairman of the board for the museum, Lyle Morran says, the new exhibit will be at a different location and will be based around a families lumber company that had a large impact on Grandview.
"The new one is going to feature the T.A. Burrows Lumber Company and the logging industry as a whole." 
It's a three to one formula for funding that involves the Burrows Lumber Company, the Winnipeg Foundation and the Grandview Foundation. The museum committee has to raise $50,000 on their own, and if they get to their $50,000 goal the other organizations will provide $150,000 to give them."
Morran says he's happy about the changes.
"It's just great to have a new addition to the town and to the museum. It will definitely be an attraction to tourists."
Morran says permit applications are still in the works, but hopes to start construction in the next couple of months.