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Government to Table Assisted Dying Legislation Today
More than a year after the Supreme Court struck down Canada's ban on assisted suicide, the federal government is about to introduce a new law laying out the conditions in which seriously ill or dying Canadians may seek medical help to end their lives.

The proposed law is expected to say only that competent adults should be eligible to receive medical aid in dying, and won't allow advance requests from people diagnosed with degenerative, competence-eroding conditions like dementia.

It's also expected to tread lightly around the right of people with mental illnesses to seek doctor-assisted death.
Parkland Students Get Anti-Bullying Concert
Even some country music stars have had to deal with bullies and overcome negativity.
Canadian country artist Ryan Laird shared his story with some Parkland students yesterday, International Pink Day.
DRCSS student Monique Coffey says it was inspiring to hear Laird's own story about being bullied.
"As he said, he almost quit playing the guitar because of how he was bullied and he continued to do something that he loved so I think that shows that we can overcome that too."
She also says he brought a lot of positive energy to the school.
"It was nice to see everybody getting involved and him trying to get everyone involved, to clap our hands and sing with him and respond to him."
Coffey says one of the things they're trying to promote in their school is positive relationships with everyone.
Laird is the founder of the BiggerThanThat! movement, which combats bullying and is about empowering youth.
MB Green Party Leader Talks Alternative, Eco-Friendly Burials
The leader of Manitoba's Green Party wants to see the province do more to encourage human composting -- natural burials that are an alternative to caskets, tombstones or cremation.

James Beddome says many don't like the environmental toll embalming, fuel-heavy cremation and elaborate coffins take on the environment.

He says people who want to be buried in little more than a shroud and return to the earth in an unmanicured meadow should have that option.

Michael Gibbens, with the Manitoba Funeral Service Association, says there doesn't seem to be a high demand for the services since about 80 per cent of people opt for cremation. 
He says that might change as baby boomers die and a younger generation that's more open to non-traditional options ages.

The Manitoba NDP says it would be open to accommodating all forms of burials, while the Liberals say they are content with the status quo.

The Conservatives declined to comment.
Ukrainian President Nominates New Prime Minister
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has nominated an ally to become prime minister in an effort to end a political impasse.

Poroshenko announced in parliament on Thursday the nomination of Volodymyr Groysman, currently the parliamentary speaker. The chamber is expected to hold a vote for the new government later on Thursday.
Outgoing prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk earlier this week submitted his resignation after weeks of pressure for him to step down. Yatsenyuk's cabinet survived a no-confidence vote in February, but two parties left the governing coalition to protest the failure to oust the prime minister, who was under fire over the worsening economy and slow pace of reforms.

In recent months, political tensions have risen and some respected reformers have resigned, citing disenchantment with the government's cronyism and entrenched corruption.