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We continue to look back on the incredible work of the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund.

While this is a "fund", there was a great deal more than the money offered in the way of support.

Father Brent Kuzyk worked tirelessly to help ease the souls escaping a harsh reality to come to the peaceful Parkland.

"For them to make the decision to leave their country, everything that was familiar to them behind and resettle here permanently, that has it's spiritual and emotional challenges. That is where the church and the church comes in. It provides a sense of stability, it provides faith, it provides real grounding for them, again, emotionally and spiritually."

Father Kuzyk worked closely with the Family Fund to ensure that incoming families found support from a community whenever they needed it.

Offering both means of communication and council, Father Kuzyk was filled with joy knowing he could offer his help to the Family Fund through translation and time.

Father Kuzyk says that this effort only works because of the support of the community.

"I want to thank the whole community at large. Every ethnic group in town, every peoples, every individual has been welcoming. whether it's the industries in town, those who have been hiring, whether it's the people for the past two plus years who've been donating to the Parkland Ukrainian fund, whether it's those donating furniture, vehicles, their homes, clothing, it has been fantastic."

We'll highlight another facet of the Parkland Ukrainian Family fund tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we take a look at the experience of leaving a home and being welcomed to a new one.