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The Watson Art Centre was once again a hub of activity as the State of the City Address took place over the lunch hour.

The lunch started with introductions from the Parkland Chamber of Commerce's Stephen Chychota, a brief overview of the funding dispersed by the Dauphin and District Community Foundation this year.

Then, Dauphin's Mayor David Bosiak took the podium to talk about the current state of, and more importantly the vision for the future of, Dauphin.

"Sustained, regular growth. Manageable growth. The sense that we'd love the community to 'boom' but we don't want to get into a 'boom-bust' cycle."

As part of these collaborative goals, Bosiak spoke highly of the "boulders" of culture, and the power they hold in working together.

"We're combining the weekend experiences of Ukrainian Festival and CountryFest with the regular ongoing experience of Northgate as our three main boulders or pillars of our adventure experience strategy."

There was also a brief look at the budget, announced previously, which contained a lot of spending for community safety and cultural development.