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On the heels of a very successful trip to Portugal last fall, the Parkland Chamber of Commerce is planning another excursion this year - this time to Costa Rica.

Executive Director Stephen Chychota says it is going to be a great trip.

"There is part of the group that is going to be going on November 1st for what is called a pre-extension tour.  That group is going to be landing in San Jose on November 1st and taking part in going out to a jungle excursion, and seeing a research facility, and hanging out with some scientists, some of the wildlife that is there, and experiencing the jungle side of things.  That group will come back to San Jose on November 4th and then team up with the rest of the group that will be coming." 

So far, 38 people have signed up for the trip, with Chychota hoping they can get at least 40 people going.

He adds there is a great cancellation policy as well if you do sign up, but then can not go in the end.

"Here is a little bit of time where if you want to make sure that you save your seats - you can.  And if things do not work in the planning - so be it that is fine, you do have that time to drop out.  And then there is also a cancellation policy where you can get all of the funds that you have invested back by a certain date closer to the trip."

You can find more information or register online at