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This Monday is Earth Day, a time to reflect on the planet we call home, and the stewardship we carry over it.

Since the first one in 1970, the Earth Day movement has grown into one of the largest modern environmental movements across the planet.

The Theme this year is "The Planet vs Plastic", encouraging an effort to reduce plastic pollution for the health of humans, and the environment around us.

Every little bit counts, whether you're hiking alone and picking up litter, or organizing a larger effort.

A great example is the folks at Grandview Trails hosting a trail clean-up. Anyone can come out to the Museum in Grandview at 7 pm, where a walk will commence to pick up trash and make the area better for everyone.

April 22nd is the official date for Earth Day this year, but every day is a good time to plant a tree, reduce food waste, pick up litter, and make the earth a better place for everyone to live in.

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