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Sunday is Green Shirt Day.... a day to recognize the importance of Organ and Tissue donation.

The day was created in 2019, exactly one year to the day that former Humboldt Broncos defenceman Logan Boulet donated several of his organs after he passed away in the Broncos bus crash.  

Dr Owen Mooney - the medical director of Transport Manitoba - Gift of Life - says Logan's actions are truly an amazing story to come out of such a tragic event.

"The strength of the Boulet family to identify Logan's wish to be a registered organ donor because of his experience with a previous coach that was an organ donor who had passed away the year before - is truly an amazing story to come out of such a tragic event.  We saw that from the media attention that came from that really tragic event, that it increased the registrations for organ donations across all of Canada by 150 thousand. "

Over 69-thousand Manitobans have registered to donate their organs or tissue after they die, with that number growing every day.

Dr Mooney encourages Manitobans to have a discussion with your family and let them know your intentions to donate your organs.

"We know that looking retrospectively from talking to families, you are eight times more likely to consent for organ donation if your family knows your intent.  And this is as simple as having a one-time conversation.  And when we talk to families post-donation, it is really important that they know.  And it unburdens them at a very difficult time in their life."

The online registry was created in 2012, to replace the paper registrations, that were removed from Manitoba Health Cards in 2019.