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Much like many businesses today, the Dauphin RCMP detachment is currently understaffed.

A fully staffed detachment would see 16 constables working, but Dauphin RCMP Sergeant Scott Linklater says they currently have 3 vacancies at that level, with two other officers currently on unpaid leave.

"COVID shutting downthe depot really hurt us because we did not have the people coming out to replace the ones that were retiring or leaving.  So we have some catching up there.  I think we are getting better as we have two members that are wanting to come here in the new year so that will bring our numbers up.  Our numbers are always in flux with members transferring out.  Sometimes we are above, sometimes we are below.l  Usually we are below, with gaps in between members leaving and coming."

Linklater says this is an issue that is plaguing police forces around the world, saying that becoming a police officer does not appear to be as attractieve a choice as it once was. 

"It is nationwide for the RCMP, and worldwide for police forces around the world.  I know in the U-K and in Australia they are having issues too.  it is just - I do not kow why it is not as attractive as it used to be, but it is not and I think everywhere is now trying to find people to work for them."