A local charitable organization had a disturbance Thursday morning, and the sound of concrete shattering glass rang through the building.

Jason Gilmore with the DNRC was at his desk, getting ready for the day when he heard the distinct sound of breaking glass, and he soon realized someone had thrown a chunk of concrete through the second-floor boardroom window.

"All of a sudden, I saw shards of glass on the carpet up there."

Gilmore was at a loss for who would've done this, and why.

"We would hope, given the services that we provide for the community, somebody wouldn't be vindictive or whatever. We're here to serve and help. Yeah, it was a shock"

The DNRC has reached out to businesses nearby to see if they had any information on who would have committed this random act of vandalism.

If you saw anything related to this incident around 9:15 a m  Thursday morning, Gilmore urges you to the RCMP and the DNRC know.