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The City of Dauphin will be looking to sure up public safety with new CCTV cameras.

An Announcement yesterday at city hall had Mayor David Bosiak and Dauphin MLA / Manitoba's Ag Minister Ron Kostyshyn lay out how this plan works.

A total of 17 cameras will be installed in public locations, not interfering with any private properties.

The cost of this project is estimated to be nearly $48,000 dollars, and not a dollar of it came from taxpayers.

Minister Kostyshyn shares some details about the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act, the proceeds of which covered this cost.

"The act was brought in in 2009 by our NDP government. The long and short of it is that funds that are apprehended in criminal activities, and the sale of some of the items, whether its actual dollars or property that was seized, creates cash equity for the geographic area."

There was also some talk of looking into more safety measures funded through this act, though details are still being discussed with city council and the RCMP.