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Busy, Extracurricular Week for Dauphin's Firefighters
Today marks day one of the Dauphin Fire Department's rooftop campout for muscular dystrophy.
Last night, Dauphin held its firefighters appreciation dinner.
Among the honorees was Orville Harris, who retired in 2012 but was not recognized at that time. Fire Chief Cam Abrey says Orville was the resident electrician.
"Any time that there was a job to be done, he was the first one to step up to the plate and say, 'How can I help?'"
The rooftop campout begins at noon today at the Dauphin Marketplace Mall.
Manitoba Election Campaign
Government spending, tax cuts and education dominated the first day of the Manitoba election campaign.

Party leaders wasted no time staking out their ground, wooing voters before the April 19th vote.

NDP Leader Greg Selinger says voters have a clear choice and warns the Conservatives, led by Brian Pallister, will cut important government services and jobs.

Pallister is repeating his party's promise to roll back the provincial sales tax increase and find $300-million by cutting government waste.
The Liberals' Rana Bokhari promised to bring in all-day kindergarten.
More Flooding in Manitoba
Another Manitoba community has declared a state of emergency after flooding closed numerous roads.

La Broquerie, north of Niverville, had a fast melt that covered rural roadways in the municipality with water.

Crews were trying to drain off water yesterday. There was no evacuation alert.

The RM of Hanover, located just minutes east of Niverville declared a state of emergency earlier in the week.
Canada Wants to See Strategy Before Making Decision on Libya
Canada's defence minister says he's monitoring the situation in Libya, but a decision on whether to send troops there has not been made.

Harjit Sajjan says he'd need to hear a long-term strategy from Canada's allies before committing troops to an Italian-led training mission in the North African country.

Signs have been growing stronger that western allies are preparing some kind of intervention to halt the advance of Islamic extremists in Libya.

There have been reports in recent days that a mission to train and advise Libyan troops is coming soon.