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The writ dropped today, and the Manitoba provincial election is officially underway.

Running in Swan River are incumbent and NDP candidate Ron Kostyshyn, Progressive Conservative Rick Wowchuck, and Dan Soprovich of the Green Party.

Kostyshyn, who has been in office since 2011, is touting a low unemployment rate and economic growth in the province, despite a slumping Canadian economy.
Wowchuck, along with the rest of the PCs, is advocating for cutting the PST down by 1 percent to 7.
Soprovich believes Manitobans need a government that is serious about climate change, and would address the issues facing First Nations and indigenous peoples.

In Dauphin, Darcy Scheller is running for the NDP, Brad Michaleski with the PCs, Kate Storey is part of the Green Party of Manitoba, and Darrell Inkster is running as an independent.

The provincial election takes place April 19.