It’s a tough time for cinemas all over as studios continue to push back movie releases.

Ron Suchoplas, manager of the theatre, and Marisa Philippe, board member, were in the studio with Al Gaines this morning to talk about the Countryfest Community Cinema.

With the lack of new movies, the Countryfest Community Cinema has been offering classic movies. When the theatre first reopened, you could watch Jurassic Park, ET, Back to the Future, and The Goonies.

Suchoplas says the classic movies have done well.

“The only time it slowed down was when we went orange in our health region. Now we’re starting to get new releases again with Percy, and The War With Grandpa, and a few other ones that are still pending.”

Before being allowed to reopen, Suchoplas had to put together a plan, following provincial, federal, and theatre association guidelines.

“One of the biggest things, which will stay with us forever is we’ve updated to an online seat reservation. So you’ll be able to buy your tickets online and when you come to the theatre you’ll pick your seat already and it’ll be yours when you come to the movie. That will stay with us after COVID and also we added the feature of paying with a gift card online too.”

The Countryfest Community Cinema is also introducing the Saturday Movie Lovers Club, which was started before COVID but Philippe says it had to be stopped because of licencing issues and then COVID.

“What we’re doing now is we’re coming back a little stronger, doing it twice a month. So, every second Saturday, anybody interested in seeing foreign, art, just something different, international films, we’re offering them Saturday mornings at 10:30. The next one’s November 7th, it’s a wonderful Spanish film called All About My Mother.”

Suchoplas says the best way to support the Countryfest Community Cinema is if you feel safe, go watch a movie at the theatre.

The CCC’s 10th anniversary is also coming up soon and there’ll be sponsorship opportunities for that.