Rotary Radio Week continued with Clayton Swanton joining Al in the studio this morning.

This morning’s topic was how Rotary helped with the Northgate Trails and Swanton says the Rotary Club stepped up big time.

“It all started when we were awarded the Manitoba Summer Games for 2020 and needed to create a mountain bike facility. Rotary stepped up and donated 50 thousand dollars right at the outset to the Manitoba Games Committee and that allowed us to get a plan for what Northgate would be. Then, once we had the plan, Rotary again came to the table with a bunch of other partners and Rotary’s contribution in addition to the 50 thousand to the games, was 150 thousand dollars towards Northgate.”

Swanton says Northgate features 26 kilometres of trail.

He adds that those trails definitely saw an increase in usage because of COVID.

“Hearing people’s anecdotally stories that they’re out here because they haven’t been able to go to Fernie to ride, or to Revelstoke to ride this summer and Northgate saved their summer cause they are used to going out and riding in other areas and they were able to come travel to Dauphin to ride, and then locals too, locals had this new area to go and explore and I think they took full advantage of that.”

The Northgate Trails are located just north of Riding Mountain National Park, on the road to Dauphin’s water treatment plant.

Coming up tomorrow on Rotary Radio Week is Jean-Louis Guillas. If you missed Kathy Bellemare yesterday, click here for more details.