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Winning one championship throughout a hockey season is impressive. Winning two is an incredible feat while winning three is something that rarely happens.

Winning four titles in one year is almost unheard of, but don't tell the Roblin U15 Stars that because they have achieved the feat. It was a season for the history books for the U15 program from the Jewel of the Parkland that was led by Jarrett Newton.

The group started playing together when members of the team were five, the team started with 22 players, and about eight years later, 17 players are still going strong and all of their incredible hard work has not gone unnoticed. Their hard work will forever be remembered as they hang up four banners at the Roblin & District Centennial Arena. 

"It's been an incredible run for this group, very special to be a part of," said Newton. "Still having 17 players from when we first started is a testament to the kids committment to getting better and representing their community. It's a fairy tale ending for the grade 9 players on our team that will now be moving up."

Going up against some of the best the province has to offer at the U15 age group, the Stars rarely lost a game throughout the season and when they did, they remained focused and bounced back the next game. They also trailed by multiple goals in games and their never-give-up attitude allowed them to cap off some incredible comebacks throughout the year. 

They won a Tournament of Champions (TOC) event in Carberry, their home tournament, the Parkissimo League, and just recently, a provincial championship. To say it's been a great few months would be an understatement and Newton has enjoyed every step of the journey.

"We had three lines and one goalie, he played outstanding all season long," said Newton. "Our players were a very competitive group, they hated missing practices. They would be at practice like an hour early so they could just hang out, they were a pretty unique group. It was an unbelievable ride to work with these guys."

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While this season has now come to an end for the group, Newton will continue to share how much work these players put in. Winning championships isn't for everyone, but it is certainly for every member of the 2023-24 Roblin U15 Stars hockey team.

"We accomplished so much throughout the season, to see the growth from each and every player on our season, it was remarkable," ended Newton. "It took an amazing team effort to achieve what we did this year and each and every player should be extremely proud of themselves, I know I am."