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Jaida Chartrand-Flett has already earned a silver medal on the biggest stage.

In her rookie season with Dakota College at Bottineau last season, Chartrand-Flett helped the team to a second-place finish at the national championships in St. Louis. Playing their conference schedule in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, the Lady Jacks are again back at the nationals this year and have unfinished business.

The team arrived in Boston earlier this week after they won 11 of their 19 games. It was a different season for the team as they played several games against ACHA Division 1 opponents, which has them prepared for this week.

Chartrand-Flett and the rest of the team will play a three-game round-robin as they go up against Central Michigan on Thursday afternoon, Niagara University on Friday afternoon before wrapping up round-robin play with a game on Saturday morning against Villanova. 

"We have been working really hard these past couple weeks on the ice and off the ice to get ready," said Chartrand-Flett. "We're very excited to get going especially because we have a few rookies on our team, so I'm happy that they're going to go through this experience as well."

Jaida had one power-play goal this year paired with one assist. Getting to participate in the nationals means even more to Jaida because of where she came from. Living in Dauphin in the summer with her family, Jaida is also a Pine Creek First Nation member.

So when Chartrand-Flett hits the ice for the team's first game on Thursday, she will be playing for everyone on the First Nation.

"A lot of people from there don't really get an opportunity like this," ended Chartrand-Flett. "Also being an indigenous athlete, I think it's a huge opportunity for me. I get to represent my team and my community in Boston, I certainly don't take anything for granted."