There are only a few days left to register to play in the Dauphin Minor Baseball Association this summer.

Opening last month, registration will close this Friday ahead of the season, which has already begun for some players. Jodie Romanow says it's an exciting time as the regular season continues to near.

"Registration has been going very well. We're already at the point where we have more players signed up than last year," said Romanow. "We're happy with where the numbers are now and we expect them to increase over the next couple of days."

Numbers are still low compared to where they were prior to COVID-19, but Romanow says that's okay. There is still room in every age group from Rally Cap to U18. Teams from Dauphin didn't travel outside of the Parkland last season because of restrictions and Baseball Manitoba cancelled all of its provincial championships.

And although it isn't clear if teams will be able to travel outside the region this summer, Jodie is hopeful that teams will get the green light to do so. Baseball Manitoba, at this point, is planning to hold a full slate of provincials.

"We are hoping for a normal season with regular league play and a jamboree for the younger kids," she offered. "We also hope to send teams to the provincials."

As we look forward, Dauphin Minor will host "Vic Fron Memorial Day" on Saturday, June 5 at Vermillion Sportsplex. Fron was a huge part of baseball in the Parkland and Dauphin Minor Baseball. The goal is to host a one-day jamboree that will focus on umpire appreciation and sportsmanship. 

"The jamboree will be for at least one age group, maybe two, but that depends on how many people we're allowed to have," ended Romanow. "Vic did so much for baseball not only in Dauphin but across the Parkland, so we're really excited that we can hold this event."

To register for this season, head to Dauphin Baseball