Toni Koshowski was very pleased with herself when she made the Yellowhead Chiefs U18 women's team in the 2017-18 season. She would go on to play three seasons with the team.

With her AAA career now in the past, Toni is in Calgary attending the University of Calgary and she's studying neuroscience and as she enters the second year of her studies, Toni has gotten some help thanks to all of her hard work on the ice and around the community over the years.

On top of her extremely busy competitive hockey schedule the past few years, Koshowski has been very involved in the community volunteering at many different places. The list of places that Toni volunteered at in the past includes Community Transitions Class -- where she would interact with children with disabilities -- the Dauphin Food Bank and Under one Roof in Dauphin, where meals were delivered to individuals in need.

When she was younger, Toni's mom had cancer and she says all of the support the family received then made Toni want to give back.

"So many people did so many things for our family, I feel it's important to give back in some way," said Koshowski. "I have always enjoyed volunteering and being a part of the community, it makes me so happy."

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Award recipient:

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is given out to a select number of applicants that provide humanitarian services in their community and the applicant must have plans to pursue post-secondary studies. 

Out of more than 700 applicants, Toni is one of 16 recipients -- from all over Canada -- to win the award. Toni will now receive $28,000 which she can use towards her studies at the University of Calgary. 

Toni said she never expected to win the award, but she is extremely grateful that she did.

"I'm so honoured to receive this award, I'm so thankful," said Koshowski. "I couldn't have done this myself, so many people in the community helped me and supported me."