The Dauphin Minor Baseball Association has been approved for a grant from the Manitoba government through its Building Sustainable Communities program. The grant will go towards significant improvements at the Vermillion Sportsplex which will begin next week.

The improvements in all will total roughly $30,000. $15,000 of which will come from Dauphin Minor Ball while the government will match that amount.

"We feel very fortunate that our grant was approved," said Jodie Romanow, President of Dauphin Minor. "I was super excited to let our board know that our hard work for applying for the grant has paid off. We're really looking forward to moving forward with our improvements."

All 10 dugouts at the facility will be fitted with helmet cubbies, equipment hangers, new benches, and a coach/water table. All the benches will be replaced and three of the five diamonds will have backs installed on all the benches. The facility will also have a new two-lane batting cage, new clay and home plate for the cage in the batter's box, and new pitching/batting training equipment.

This is where the community comes in. Dauphin Minor is one of the groups that use the facilities; however, many other groups use Vermillion Sportsplex including the Dauphin fastball league and the Dauphin competitive slopitch league. Part of Dauphin Minor receiving the grant from the government is community involvement. That means you can help with these improvements next week.

Jodie is asking all user groups of the diamonds to come out next Saturday, September 26 beginning at 10:00 a.m. and next Sunday, September 27 beginning at 1:00 p.m. to help out, rain or shine. People are asked to bring (if you have) a cordless drill with your own bits, large drill bit sets, socket and wrench, spades, and work gloves. Kids over the age of 12 are welcome but they will be put to work with easier tasks. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

"We need to put our own sweat equity into this project, that's the bottom line," added Romanow. 

These improvements will be front and centre for many years moving forward, and athletes from across the province will also see them during next summer's Manitoba Summer Games will be held, and Vermillion Sportsplex will be the host of the baseball event. 

"When all of our user groups host events, our goal is to leave a great impression on our facilities," ended Romanow. "We want them to go away and tell everyone how great our facilities are."