The hockey season in the Parkland is right around the corner. In fact, just seven days from now is when the first booking will hit the ice at Credit Union Place and Dauphin Recreation Services is working hard inside of Credit Union Place to get the state of the art facility ready for action.

All of the decals and lines were put in last night. The crew is now light misting to seal everything in and over the next couple of days, they'll be putting heavy floods in to build the ice up. The Zamboni will hit the ice by Saturday to shape and shave the ice to get it ready.

Wes Carnegie who will celebrate his three-year anniversary at DRS next month says this time of year is always the most exciting.

"After everything that is going on, it's really nice to get the ice back in and people booking slots," said Carnegie, Operations Manager. "It's nice to know that people are really excited to get back in the rink, it'll be nice to see them."

August will include the Parkland U18 Rangers training camp as well as a few other camps. The Dauphin Kings are tentatively set to begin their main camp early next month. 

Carnegie also assures that the Parkland Rec Complex continues to be an extremely safe place for all visitors. They have protocols put in place and they are sanitizing all touchpoints more often than in the past. Dauphin Rec also purchased a "Fogger" which puts a chemical into the room that sanitizes everything. It takes about three minutes to do a dressing room, it sits for five minutes and everything comes out sparkling clean and sanitized. 

"We're taking things one step further to assure the public feels safe coming into our facility," ended Carnegie. "We have a wonderful crew here that does whatever it takes to keep this place in great shape for everyone to enjoy."

When it comes to the Rotary Arena and the Dauphin Curling Club, you'll have to wait a while still. The ice at the Rotary will be in by mid-October while the DCC will be ready for October 1.