The best junior golfers in the province will embark on the Selkirk Golf and Country Club beginning on Sunday for the Manitoba junior men's and women's championships. 

Jacob Armstrong won the men's event last year with a +7 after a solid two-under score on day four. Kate Gregoire; meanwhile, won the women's title. This year's field will once again be an elite one and it includes Jose Mekish-Lacquette. 

From Russell, Jose is a member at both the Dauphin Lake Golf Club and Gilbert Plains Country Club and he's played nearly every day so far since May 4 preparing for his first competitive event of the season, one that will also feature Armstrong.

"I'm just planning to head there and have some fun," said Mekish-Lacquette. "At the end of the day, it's just another round. Yes, there's some added pressure being a tournament, but I won't let that bother me, it's another day on the course."

Known as a long ball hitter, Jose's best round this season is a 69 at the Gilbert Plains Country Club. He also adds that he's playing the best golf that he ever has and he's looking to make some noise against Manitoba's best.

"My goal is to make the top 5 and of course in an ideal world, I would win the entire tournament," said Mekish-Lacquette. 

Jose has yet to play in Selkirk. He will hit the road and play a practice round tomorrow before the event begins on Sunday morning. His first-round is at 1:12 alongside Bijan Salimi and Scott Miner. 

"I'm looking forward to playing with some new guys and just meet some new faces," ended Mekish-Lacquette. "It's just a good opportunity and we'll see how things go."

There is plenty of other Parkland talents that are getting ready to tee it up. The list includes Jackson Delaurier, Eric Prokopowich, and Thomas Scott, all of which will compete in the men's event. Neepawa's Hayden Delaloye will also tee it up. 

The women's event includes Crystal Zamzow, Jewel Lafleche, and Jeri Lafleche.