The Dauphin Kings signed a five-year lease with the RM and city of Dauphin on a piece of land that is used towards their annual grow project.

Now, the team is in their third year on the land and the first two years were very successful. Planting last year, roughly $54,000 was put into the Kings account. The year previous was canola and Dauphin profited very well from that as well.

This year, the crew has decided to plant soybeans. Gary Sydor says soybeans are a very marketable crop. A local outfit has offered $10.25 per bushel already. When the crop comes off the field, they'll need to store it until November if they go with the local outfit. 

"If someone has some storage around town that's available, that would be great if they could give us some or we could rent some," said Sydor. 

Sydor is hoping that the crop yields at least 40 bushels per acre. Before paying their bills last season when it comes to the project, it brought in about $65,000. They anticipate they may not make that much this year; however, the input to assure soybeans grow well is less. 

"If we get that timely rain, it could be a very good year for us, that rain last night certainly helped," said Sydor. "The crop is looking really good, the beans are up."

With the Kings' operating budget being around $500,000 each year, Rae says this grow project is massive for the team when it comes to staying afloat.

"Without that money, the team would be in financial distress somewhat," said Csversko. "With everything that has gone on this year, it's that much more important for the Club."

Csversko and Sydor want to thank all of the suppliers for everything they do and everyone else who chips in throughout the summer.

Rae is also asking any farmers that have a quarter section of land if they would rent it to the Kings. 

"We're certainly interested in taking on a little bit more land," he added. "It would be another added bonus and it might let us get over the COVID situation this year if we come up with a shortfall of sponsorship money and donated funds." 

If you do have any land, you can call Rae at 648-7941. You can also call Gary at 638-2480.

When it comes to the Tractor Lotto, Rae can confirm it will run once again this winter; however, no other details were provided. Stay tuned for more as the 2020-2021 season continues to near.