It's been a hit for 17 years and the Dauphin Kings Par 3 Extravaganza is back again. The event is coming up on Saturday, June 8 at the Dauphin Lake Golf Club.

Registration is now open.

"Things have been going pretty good so far and we’re just a month away," said Christian Laughland, Marketing Director & Media Relations for the Kings. "Something that's happening is some groups are half signing up and we want to remind those groups that they need to fully sign up. If we fill up and you don't fully sign up you're just going to get your money back. It's looking like it’s going to be a good one this year."

Whether you're a really good golfer or you just play the game occasionally, you can still sign up to play in the event.

It's $150 per player which adds up to $600 for a foursome. That includes your entry fee, dinner and a great time. There will also be different contests going on throughout the golf course and on the putting green. 

The event is also a big fundraiser for the Kings organization.

"Yeah, it's a significant fundraiser for us. It's sort of like the summer version of the comedy night, it raises anywhere in between $8000-$14,000 every year," said Laughland. "We want to thank our continued supporters that sign up to play every year and all of our sponsors. There will be some fantastic prizes up for grabs on the course and after the round during dinner as well."

Call Aspen Insurance or head down to the office quick before you miss out.