The 2026 World Cup is on it's way to Canada, at least for a few games.

It was confirmed earlier that the joint bid between the United States, Mexico, and Canada was successful.

60 of the 80 games will be hosted in the United States, meaning Canada will receive 10 and Mexico 10 as well.

How you can watch:

Although no games will be played in Winnipeg, a road trip may still be in order for you big soccer fans. 

Games in Canada will be played in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton.


Dauphin - Edmonton - 10hr 21m (1029 KM's).

Dauphin - Toronto - 24hr (2528 KM's).

Dauphin - Montreal - 28hr (2593 KM's).

Sure, Edmonton may be the closest, but with only five hours separating Toronto and Montreal, perhaps the chance of watching multiple games in two different cities is the best option.

The 2018 World Cup gets underway tomorrow.