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The president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities says today's district meeting is a chance to update councillors on what the AMM does and gives them a chance to get feedback from members.
The Parkland District meeting was held in the RM of Lakeshore today.
"The most important thing is we're going into a federal and provincial election. And AMM is going to be a big part of the provincial election, and so we're going to be putting a campaign, as we did in the 2011 election. So we wanted our feedback from our members, and to make sure they're aware and to get them involved in their candidates and debates and everything else, to get the municipal agenda on their platform," says Doug Dobrowolski.
Four of five resolutions passed at today's meeting.
They include a resolution for the AMM to lobby the province to review licensure requirements for International Medical Graduates, one calling on the AMM to lobby for municipalities' exemption from the Provincial sales tax, one asking the AMM to lobby for a reworking of the property-based taxation model, and an amended resolution calling on the AMM to lobby the province to ensure maintenance done with the authority of water works permits doesn't exceed the permit's original scope over time.
Also today, Jack Bremner of the RM of Dauphin council and Marvin Kovachik of the RM of Mountain were nominated as the new Parkland district directors to sit on the AMM board.