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Winnipeg Man Charged in Shooting Incident Near Portage
A man who was shot by a Manitoba RCMP officer, is facing 10 criminal charges.

Mounties say the officer shot the man after pursuing an erratic driver near Portage earlier this week.

Police say the driver refused to pull over, and had to be stopped by the RCMP vehicle on Highway 240.

Mounties haven't said what prompted the shooting, which sent to driver to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Carl Devin Beaulieu, who is 30 and from Winnipeg, is set to make his first appearance in provincial court in Portage on Tuesday.
Manitoba Youth Treatment Centre Closing
Manitoba's only long-term treatment centre for teens with addiction and mental health issues says it is shutting its doors.

Executive director Jean Doucha says the Behavioural Health Foundation cannot sustain the deficit it will incur this year.

The centre, that helps as many as 80 kids per year who struggle with alcohol, drugs, or mental health problems, runs largely on government funding.

But Doucha says the girls' facility in St. Norbert will close June 3rd and the boys' facility in Selkirk will close June 25th.
More Firefighters to Aid in Fort McMurray
Alberta plans to bring in an extra 1,000 firefighters over the next two weeks to fight the massive Fort McMurray blaze.

Alberta senior wildfire manager Chad Morrison says that's on top of 1,000 firefighters already on the ground.

With cool and wetter weather this week, officials are planning a surge of firefighters in the coming days to try to gain the upper hand.

Many will come from a pool of Alberta crews who had been spelled off earlier in the month. The rest will come from other jurisdictions.
EgyptAir Speculation
French investigators say they're not drawing conclusions yet, but it appears there was a fire on board EgyptAir Flight 804.

A spokesman for the French air accident investigation service says smoke was detected in multiple places on board the plane before it crashed.

Sebastien Barthe says the type of messages sent by the plane's automatic detection system usually indicate the start of a fire.

But he cautioned that anything beyond that is "pure conjecture'' at this point.

There were two Canadians among the 66 people aboard the aircraft.
Frozen Food Recall
Food safety officials are trying to determine how much a massive frozen food recall in the US affects Canadians.

CRF Frozen Foods has recalled more than 400 products sold at major retailers like Costco and Safeway because of a listeria scare.

Eight people have gotten sick in the US, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says there have been no illnesses here.

The agency says it's working with companies that have imported the recalled products.
Steinbach to Hold Pride Parade
A southern Manitoba community is hosting its first ever Pride festival.

On July 9, Steinbach will hold a Pride march, similar to the one in Winnipeg, which has been going on since 1987.

Back in 2013, some town officials and religious leaders in Steinbach opposed a bill mandating schools to allow gay-straight alliances.

An area student fought to have one at his school and eventually, the bill was passed.